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  1. Wow. Now what if they HAD been acting things out in real life? No, not with an actual child, but one or more of the ADULTS in an all-adult group PRETENDING to be a child. So you're saying that your state's government has given itself the right to tell two consenting adults what they can and can not do in the privacy of their own bedroom? And if some dude's wife puts a collar and leash on him and yells, "Bark like a DOG!", does his domintarix wife go to jail for beastiality? Scary enough when the goverment controls citizens' lives to the extent that they can't act out their bizare fantasies in the privacy of their home. Scarier still when they're not even in the same room, it's just via internet chat, and the goverment litterally locks people up for this. Would you mind divulging what state this is? Disclaimer: Yeah, I'm sure someone out there is gonna accuse me of defending child-molestors. Again, we're not talking about actual abuse involving a child. We're talking about adults in the privacy of their home. I'm rather straight-laced, and want to puke when I see two gay dudes holding hands IN PUBLIC...gross...but in the privacy of their home, where I don't have to know what yucky things they are doing to each other, I'm imensely more upset about government intrusion into private matters like sexual activity than I am about people actually doing such disgusting things. A REAL kid involved? Yeah, I'm calling the cops. Some dude who wants to dress up like a baby and have his boyfriend change his crappy diaper before...ugh...as long as it's in their home? The government's got no business throwing those two freaks in jail, and I'd defend their right to engage in whatever perverted CONSENSUAL sick things are being done by two or more ADULTS. To paraphrase Ben Franklin's words on free speech, and expand them to the concept of government intrusion into privacy issues, I don't have to condone a given conduct to defend another's right to do said behavior in the privacy of thier home.
  2. No, your house got blown up when I shot it with my rocket launcher. That's what you get for not renting from me & Rabid Cheetah, heh heh heh heh heh... Actually, if your house came with a rezzer, all you should need to do is rez the rezzer again. If it came as a single object, you should be able to rez that. If all else fails, contact the person you bought the house from and see if they can offer you some help. Or you could place each piece of the house out, one by one, ang get a big jar of Super-Glue and... Lots of luck, looking forward to the pictures when it's finally up... :manhappy:
  3. Well, the last time I broke up with someone, it was right after she'd convinced me to go on Skype with her. We were both excited to finally see what each other looked like, after several months of romance in Second Life. I think she said something like "Daddy? Is that YOU?" I turned off the computer at that point.
  4. >>>> I'm usually the first one to point out that SL is all about being somebody else, but if the OP wants to be herself in SL, why should she have to hide her sexual identity? That only attracts the wrong kind of friends, imho. I wouldn't want to socialize with people who might drop me like a hot potato if they knew a few details about my RL. <<<< ...and with THIS post, I couldn't AGREE more. Let folks decide on their own what they do or no not wish to reveal. One caveat: Keep the sex stuff out of your profile as not everyone is comfortable with adult themes. Again, let that be their own choice, save the adult stuff for the adult areas and keep the general areas general (which would include profiles viewable by all).
  5. >>> Randall Ahren wrote: Have you heard the expression "too much information"? People don't need to know everything about you and certainly not all at once after first meeting you. You can hold some information back and disclose it slowly as you become better acquainted. I really don't see why anyone needs to know you're trans unless you're planning to pixel bonk them. In my experience, failure to disclose this information early on can cause people to feel deceived. I don't know if the OP mentions this detail in her profile, but I've found that it helps to be completely open about it **Only uploaded images may be used in postings**://secondlife.i.lithium.com/i/smilies/16x16_smiley-happy.gif" border="0" alt=":smileyhappy:" title="Smiley Happy" /> Not only does it keep the wrong kind of people away, it also attracts the right ones. <<<<<< I couldn't possibly disagree more. It never fails to amaze me how so many folks in this game have trouble with the concept: "What part of MMORPG don't you understand? Oh yeah -- The RP part..." I've yet to meet any folks in RL who have human/cybernetic bodies and animal heads and tails capable of flight simply by pressing Page Up on their Ipads, but hey, maybe I've just bee nhangin' around with the wrong crowd. Sorry, few things tick me off more than the attitude that I must give a full disclosure of who I am if I wish to play this GAME GAME GAME (yes, it's just a GAME, folks). If I want to have people demanding my personal information and violating my privacy, I'll just go talk to the government...
  6. Love these vehicles. They add character, and have helped in my exploration endeavors. I thought they were Linden's, not privately owned. Sometimes they bump me if I'm standing in the road taking pictures, but I just wait for them to move along, because, after all, I'M STANDING IN THE ROAD. What the heck did I THINK was gonna happen? A script would say oh my, I detect an avatar within 100 yards, I'd better stop, launch the robot-clown marching band out of the back compartment to play a Muzak version of Patsy Kline's "I'm Sorry", while the Dr. Seuss-style mechanical arms come out of the front and massage my avatar's feet?!?!?!? Now watch that will become the hottest selling new item on the SL Marketplace. I better get my cut for comming up with the idea. Anyhow, I had no idea the tanks shoot at you. How do you get them to do that? It sounds like fun. Of course, that's because I'm not one of these pansies who cries to mommy everytime he sees an avatar with a gun attached -- I plan to shoot back! :manwink: Gotta put that grenade launcher to good use. God, I love a place where I can exercise my Second Ammendment rights for a change...
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