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  1. Forgot they deleted certain words. I fixed it
  2. Thanks for all of your kind responses both in world and here. It's been so overwhelming I've decided to close it. Tori
  3. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I haven't bred meeroos since 2012 and decided to make two pets and care for two others. 1. As soon as I made one a pet, it ran away. I bought a whistle and it said I can get it back for free by making a ticket. I did. Does anyone answer those anymore? 2. I placed a stump and flora food for two other nocturnals I've had in inventory but they ran away instead of eating. Am I bringing them out wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you so much for the advice, I will pass this along. It's all so frustrating.
  5. A sim I love may close because people keep getting nude on the sim. I don't want to say which sim because I'm not the owner but I want to help her. Her sim was G rated but because of the constant barage of people nude and having sex in local she had to cave and make it moderate so she didn't get in trouble. She's even had people harrass her in messages because she's asked them to put clothes on. The group have tossed out ideas on how to save the Garden sim but we see road blocks with each one. Any suggestions? I hate the idea that every sim has to be Adult due to being pushed into it or it ha
  6. First let me apologize if this post is offensive to anyone. I had to take a hiatus from SL this past summer. One of the last days I was on, someone posted in the group that Toby Christian died in RL. I expressed my sadness and hope that it wasn't true but none of the group members really had any confirmation. I'm back on SL for a bit and realized I never found out if it was just a big joke and he was just leaving SL or if he infact died. His store and group are gone and his profile is wiped so I guess I'm wondering if any former members or Envi heard anything. He was/is a great guy and always
  7. It's on the Grid now...I guess we just wait :matte-motes-confused:
  8. Yeah I took both payment methods off and nothing. It's not Login Failed It's just not loading.
  9. I came here to ask the same question. The same exact thing is happening to me at this very moment. My alt can get on but my main cannot. I have cleared Cache, I have reinstalled Firestorm, tried SLV, tried Dophin, I just get the loading screen. It's been going on for about an hour.
  10. Hey all, I rented this great skybox and loved it so much I paid up about 25 weeks in advance. I am now moving out and since I can't get a refund on my last 9 weeks I figured I could sublet instead of it going to waste. I paid 600L a week for 100 prim so I am subleting for less than half of what I paid a week. After the 9 weeks are up you can contact the Landlord and continue on at 600L. The Skybox is above the awesome G-Spot sim and I have never experienced lag. It has a roof top terrace and three rooms below. It comes with a couch and I will have her put in a bed if you need it. The Terrace
  11. Name: Tori Greyson RL Age: 32 SL Age: 2 Years 4 Months Country: USA
  12. You are by far the most AWESOME person in SL!!! I found it...after much digging I found the sm and the owner It is Driftwood: LGTB Nude Beach and Romantic Getaway. Thanks again for all of your help!
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