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  1. Love is * something that * women mistakenly * believe in, and * men pretend to, so that they can get * laid regularly. *** Rudi ***
  2. Hey guys! I have had another * idea! If you have a * SL business (say a * club, or you're a freelance * DJ) you could always hang around this * thread preying on * friendless people suggesting they * subscribe to your mailing list * add you to their friends list. It's * warmer in her in the * forums compared with hanging around * chilly * Welcome areas handing out * flyers. *** Rudi *** ETA No! You mean someone's thought of that already?
  3. Hey, I've got a * great idea! Why don't you * posters desperate for * friends make friends with each other? In fact, why doesn't * LL create a new subforum where people that want more * friends can just make one post saying they want * friends, giving hardly any * information about themselves (just like * Facebook) and then * disappear without making any further * contribution to the * community? *** Rudi *** ETA Such a subforum exists? This is it? Ah, my bad!
  4. The key word here is "sick". *** Rudi ***
  5. Ian Undercroft wrote: Seeing that Rudi's now taken an interest in this thread, isn't it about time he posted a vanity pic of his avatar? What do you think ladies? Do you think you'll be able to keep your hands off him? Erm, I am currently in a committed relationship. I'll think about the pic though, as long as you promise neither of them will find out about it. *** Rudi ***
  6. Kelli May wrote: RudolphUkka wrote: Kelli May wrote:Thank you. I may be in the gutter, but like you, I'm gazing at the stars. That's really Wild, Kelli; well, almost. *** Rudi *** Wilde Thing! Better a Trogg than a troll. Did you know that Reg Presley spent all his royalties trying to prove that crop circles were made by aliens? Then, when the guy that had been making them for forty years admitted it, Reg went into denial. *** Rudi ***
  7. zomg! It's Josephine Baker's alt! :manwink: *** Rudi - who doesn't normally do smilies. ***
  8. Void Singer wrote: thanks I try if nothing else to be pragmatic... but that depends on your goal.... my goal in pushing buttons is to hear "oh, god!"... on reflection, maybe that's yours too? Especially if they are an atheist. *** Rudi ***
  9. That's OK, Mel, pleased to help anytime. *** Rudi *** ETA Ooops, you were talking about the land mathematics problem, not the "other thing", weren't you.
  10. Innula Zenovka wrote: Sorry. I don't normally see much that happens outside the Scripting, Animation, and Adult Content forums. I tend to rely on Pep's blog for word of what is happening elsewhere. You didn't ask about it in Scripting Tips, did you? /me scratches his head and tries to work out how he could introduce incest into a Scripting Tips forum; perhaps a challenge for another day...? *** Rudi (laughed) *** ETA Don't trust Pep's blog. He makes most of it up!
  11. Void Singer wrote: wrong * buttons It depends upon whose moral code of behavioural strictures you observe - or more to the point, upon the personal prejudices of the guy with the big virtual stick. But you are, in pragmatic terms, absolutely correct. *** Rudi ***
  12. I push lots of * buttons. Then I am * forced to * take involuntary * forum vacations. *** Rudi *** ETA We're probably OK until Monday now though! Let your thoughts run free - and delete the posts on Sunday night.
  13. Nancy Hilltop wrote: I want to my username's nancy hilltop i'll be on later tonight im me Authors generally use SOME punctuation, I thought - except Kipling apparently. *** Rudi ***
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