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  1. We are looking to expand our new product to other adult sims that feature adult products. Please click the image link and grab our Affiliate Vendor kit from marketplace for free. Black Porn Shack sells animated pron clips for all; STRAIGHT LESBIAN GAY BI-SEXUAL SHEMALE There is a vendor for each category so you can choose which to display in your business. Each affiliate will receive 30% on ever sale. The vendor kit includes: 7-Panel CasperVend for each category Video Helper - In order to preview the clips, you must deed the video helper to the land group. Preview Booth- Our customer booth with curtain to provide privacy when customer are making their selections. Promotion Gift Card Pack - 20 Gift Cards to give to customers. Each card is valued at L$99 LOCATIONS: MAIN LOCATIONS: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hermosa%20Tierra/17/150/22 AVENUE MALL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isola%20Del%20Giglio/182/164/22 INTERNATIONAL BREEDING LOUNGE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sweet%20Emotion/142/59/3241 F_CK HALL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Coquine/84/86/2032
  2. I am looking for guidance on supporting a group/charity inside of SL. What are the requirements for forming a charity in SL? Should there also be RL requirements or are they forbidden based on TOS?
  3. Time to try your luck at Byngo Bonus for Free at Timbuktu Gaming When: 3P SLT - 4P SLT Where: Pier 51 Super B Bonus Host: Budda Byngo Bonus is a grid-wide game where residents have the chance at making good on their L$$ . Timbuktu Gaming will sponsor your first game during the 3P SLT hour. Just show up and mention this invite. The host on duty will pay for your card. Byngo Bonus games start ever 15 minutes so you want to arrive in enough time to rez and pay for your card. Super Byngo Bonus at Pier 51 is sponsored by Timbuktu Gaming. Check out more games in the region and play anytime you want.
  4. Become a host at the popular Greed, No Greed site Greedy Shuffle located on the Seaside Party Cruise Ship. 2-hour shifts available starting at 2pm - 12 am daily. We pay each host L$125/per hour plus 100% of tips. Unlimited earning potential. Hosts can participate in daily bonus programs while off-duty. We are home to the League of Champs. Each week since our opening we had a winner from the weekly 25K Tournaments qualify at our location. We are serious about providing the best experience in gaming for our customers mixed with fun and prize winning competitiveness. Check out our on-line schedule and weekly trend reports on google.com. Visit the shuffle deck to complete and submit your aplication. You must take the application from the Job Application Board and drop the completed notecard onto the board to successfully complete the process. Experienced GNG hosts / players desired. Other hosting experience will be considered. We look forward to meeting with you. EButterfield Resident GNG SIM Owner
  5. (¯`·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-Blue Dream Party Cruise-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯) Amateur Night @TheLounge Thursdays at 6PM SLT / Doors Open at 5PM SLT Contestants Pay L$1 to Enter before 5PM SLT Audience will be the Judge L$2,500 Winner Take All 1st, 2nd Thursday L$5,000 Winner Take All 3rd Thursday Boarding Pass: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sahara%20Oasis/45/45/23 FB Invite: https://www.facebook.com/events/518976208122540 YouTube: http://youtu.be/sXrqnMFgf84 (¯`·._.··¸.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.,-Blue Dream Party Cruise-,.-~*´¨¯¨`*·~-.¸··._.·´¯)
  6. Commedians, Commediennes, jokesters, burlesque, any performance that can be managed in a 5 min timeframe is welcome.. To enter the contest: 1. Drop down into the lounge via the link provided. 2. Right-Click on the Contest Board and pay L$1 3. Arrive Thursday at 5:30 slt and enter the performance queue (Click on Start and you name will be placed in the queue)
  7. Amateur Night @The Lounge We are inviting undiscovered talent from across the grid to enter our talent contest with a total prize pot of L$10k. Contestants will compete over the course of 3-Thursdays. The first 2 Thursdays the winning contestant will win L$2,500. The final Thursday the winning contestant will take home L$5,000. Each act will get votes from the audience during their performance. Below is a list of rules that must be followed in order to successfully compete for the prize. Contest Rules: 1. Each contestant must pay L$1 to enter contest prior to event 2. Each contestant must enter performance queue upon arrival 3. Each performance cannot exceed 5 minutes. 4. Winning is based on voting system 5. All payments to winners are automatic by voting performance queue 6. All tips are subject to 15% deduction (Agency Fee) 7. If using house stream, performer must log out after performance 8. If using mic you must turn mic off after performance. Admission to this event will be waived but there is limited seating available. The first show will start promptly at 6PM and end at 7PM. The doors will open at 5PM. Blue Dream Party Cruise @TheLounge
  8. Sure stop on by and fill out a job app. We'll be in touch with you soon after. Thanks,
  9. Greed, No Greed (GNG) Hosting Positions Open L$125/hour + 100% Tips All Shifts Available 4PM - 12AM SLT Prior GNG Experience a plus / Will Train Complete Application and Drop on Job Board LM:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sahara%20Oasis/86/42/66 Job Description: Greed, No Greed is the grid-wide dice game often referred to as GNG. Greedy Shuffle is an affiliate gaming site for GNG. We are located on the Blue Dream Party Cruise Ship docked in the Sahara Oasis region. We currently operate hosted shifts from 4PM to 12AM SLT with opportunities to expand. The hosting position requires employees to perform the following duties: Greet CustomersProvide Instruction on how to playAnnounce scoring stats during gamesMonitor qualifying slotsStart Trivia BallWe are a diverse group of residents and we seek well rounded charismatic individuals to encourage play and fun times as well as quell any drama. The Job Application Board is available on the GNG Shuffle deck. We review all applications daily. We look forward to hearing from you.
  10. Blue Dream Party Cruise docked at Seaside Community invites you all to experience our live performances series at the lounge. We have booked some dynamic talent for our inaugural season opener. Beginning this Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 6PM SLT we present Chase Naverre. CHASE NAVERRE is an accomplished R/B artists in his home state of Texas. Chase has performed with several well known artists such as: Patti Labelle, Joe Piscapo, Sam Moore, from Sam & Dave Fame, Blues artist, Lucky Peterson, Blues legend, Stevie Ray Vaughn and many more.... From Jazz to Classic R/B...this dynamic entertainer will amazed you..... "You will not be disappointed!!!" A L$100 Land Pass is required to attend this event. You can purchase one from the vendor when you land then proceed down the stairs to the lounge. Dress to impress but keep those scripts down to 200 max. (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sahara%20Oasis/68/43/35) Live performances @TheLounge are being sponsored by the Greedy Shuffle Group and managed by Lyrique Forsythe. For Booking Agent: Please Contact: DeeLadee Serrari
  11. Live Performers Wanted for Cruise Ship Engagement The Blue Dream is a Party Cruise currently docked in the Seaside Community on the Sahara Oasis region. There is gaming and entertainment available on this SL hangout. We have a small venue jazz club called “TheLounge” where we feature live performances. We’ve added a Thursday night feature called “Performing Live @TheLounge”. This is a one hour show showcasing the talents of a live performance artist who sings, performs spoken word poetry, has a comic routine, etc. We are looking to book our 2013 line-up. The venue pays L$2,000 plus 85% of tips per hour to the performer. We charge a cover of L$100 at the door for each event and will take a maximum of 25 occupants per show. We provide a stream and or voice during the performance. We have a professional performance system installed to collect tips and provide information about each artists. We also promote upcoming shows in advance to a vast audience including facebook, and secondlife.com forums. If you would like to visit our venue please contact our Cruise Ship Manager Lyrique Forsythe. If you would like to be considered for booking, please contact our booking agent DeeLadee Serrari. Thank you for inquiring. Staff, Blue Dream Party Cruise @TheLounge Check out: A Divas Holiday - @TheLounge
  12. This holiday season we are bringing you a treat from some of our Diva friends around the grid. We call it a Divas Holiday as we invite you to come and enjoy the unique vocal stylings of each of our beautiful lady songbirds at TheLounge on-board the Blue Dream Party Cruise. A slight cover charge of L$25 via land pass is required. Here is the line-up Thursday, December 13, 2012 @6-SLT Thursday, December 20, 2012 @ 6-SLT Thursday, December 27, 2012 @ 6-SLT About the Blue Dream Party Cruise Blue Dream Party Cruise - The Lounge The Blue Dream is a Party Cruise liner docked at the Seaside Community in the Sahara Oasis region. This awesome vessel is home to gaming fun and entertainment for all SL residents to enjoy. Each deck on the ship offers a different venue from the official Greed, No Greed grid wide game, Reel Wild, Spin to Win, Byngo Solo, Rolling Solo, and a variety of social games. There is a cinema featuring BlackBoxTv movies, a Ballroom and the jazz lounge aka TheLounge. The Lounge is set for live performances with stage, performers queue, mic, lights, shoutcast streaming equipment a grand piano and seating for 20 avatars. During live performances there is a cover charge and the number of occupants are limited to 25. We want the experience to be one you'll remember and a venue you will come to again and again. Performances will take place Thursdays at 6-SLT. We have engaged a booking agent DeeLadee Sararri to assist us with getting performers and to assure the talent is of a high quality. The Blue Dream is managed by Lyrique Forsythe. If you have any questions about events or other activities on the cruse ship, please notify our manager for assistance. Contacts: Manager Lyrique Forsythe - secondlife:///app/agent/5038db3d-513d-4c7e-bcd4-5fb62f3f9dc6/about Booking agent - secondlife:///app/agent/b4787924-5ee5-4da6-8f87-e7bdf92cd392/about Boarding Pass - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sahara%20Oasis/66/43/35
  13. Sometimes all we have in life are our words. Come share your experiences through your words on the open mic. All are welcome. Poets, Singers, Storytellers, Comediennes or Open Mic virgins come add your words to our oral histories.
  14. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sahara%20Oasis/204/187/22
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