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  1. 1/4 region for rent. Adult. North West Corner. Just L$3750 week for 7500 prims. Features sandy beach terrain with a year round tropical climate. Public Waterway on the east side of the parcel as well. Visit: Isle of Torment NW Corner Pay the rent box, then buy the land to pay the one week refundable deposit after which you can start building!
  2. Do you still have this homestead available?
  3. We just opened up more small regions at Blood Manor. 256 sq meters, 93 prims L$93/week. Need a bit more room? We have a couple of 512 sq M parcels for just L$187/week. 7% discount on any of these if you pay four weeks in advance. Check them out at Blood Manor Small Parcels
  4. Sorry all gone! We have a couple of parcels left at the standard price. Details at Tom's Rental's Land List
  5. Land sale at Isle of Torment. No Fooling 4096 sq M 1875 prims L$1406/week with a 7% discount if you pay four weeks in advance. The price to you remains the same as long as you continuously rent the parcel and pay the rent on time. This sale ends May 1st, so grab it now!
  6. Looks like you now have it LuxuriousSin! Enjoy your new parcel! Now taken, but we have other smaller parcels. We update the land list at Tom's Rentals Land List whenever there is a change in the rental status of any parcel.
  7. Too big for your needs? See our other parcels for rent at Tom's Rentals Land List
  8. Special Land Sale at Isle of Torment! (Adult Region) A whole corner lot, that's 1/4 of the region has just become available at Isle of Torment We need to get this rented in a hurry, so it is being offered for Half Price! That's right, just 1/2 L$ per prim per week for this parcel only. The price will remain the same for as long as you continuously rent the parcel and pay the rent on time. 16384 sq M NW Corner (1/4 region) L$3750/week L$15000/month. Because of this exceptionally low price, there is no discount for advance payment on this parcel, but I doubt that you will find a full bonus prim corner region anywhere in SL for a lower price. Limited Time Offer! If not rented by 1 May 2019, we will end the sale and sub-divide this into smaller lots, so act now!
  9. Region has been sold outright and is no longer available.
  10. Full homestead region for rent. 5000 prims 25 avatars now just L$6450 per week. One week grace period on rent. The L$6450 purchase price is a deposit, to be refunded to you if the rent is up to date when you vacate. Estate Manager No covenant. Since you will be renting the whole region you can do whatever you like, subject only to the SecondLife Terms of Service. Set region maturity to General, Moderate or Adult as you choose. One week grace period on rent. Most SL landlords will kick you off and return your objects if more than 48 hours late with the rent. Terraform the way you want. If you have a .RAW terrain file that you like, we will apply it to the region for you at no additional charge. You may sub-divide and sub lease part or all of the region as you like. Contact Tom Wyoming (zerotsm Resident) via notecard if interested in this rental, or just TP to Oakland Heights and follow the instructions on the "For Rent" sign to make it yours!
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