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  1. Hi , Im new on the game (like two months) , but I have a "Rented" SIM and now I have My own SIM . I think We can improve the atention to the people who rent , the sims most people told me that many Real States Owner dont pay atention to the Renters maybe that can be the diference . I make partys every Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday to incrase the traffic in my sim and the people stay more than two hours on the Sim ... I think guys this is a game , is a place to have friends no be nice , but if you see this like a bussines you will see that theres no bussines at all.. or no the same way that us to be.. Thanks to all...
  2. hELLo What are you need , I can help you. in world: mv75
  3. mv75

    Cuenta premium

    Hice una cuenta premium desde el banner donde escoges primero la casa y luego das los datos , puse por paypal autorize un convenio pero ya van mas de 2hrs y no me llega ni el correo de confirmacion , trate de repetirlo pero me dice que esta ya en proceso cuanto mas debo esperar ??
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