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  1. Well, I already tried adding those ports listed on that configuration page. I changed my wifi location from a home wifi to a work (also tried public) and same result. Tried reseting my router as you suggested. I also can't find that Help > About Second Life page. Is it on this website or when you open the software? Im confused
  2. Im really getting frustrated. Im a brand new user and trying to log on for the first time to play the game. I keep getting the "waiting for regional handshake" message even though I've turned off all my windows firewalls and deleted cookies/ect. I added the extra ports and Im still stuck. Im not by any means that computer geeky to get into all the ip address stuff. Can someone please give me an answer! There isn't even a support number to call SL directly. I just want to play the game! @.@ Please help someone!
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