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    magic boxes

    So I got a magic box to sell my items. I placed them inside and picked the box up. Once I looked on my market they showed up and I proceeded to list them. I'm wondering- can I delete the magic boxes after i've listed them on the market?
  2. Eveeoni

    zooby pets

    Has anyone here bought a "Zooby" brand pet? I'm wondering because they come with meat and a food dish but do they actually require feeding?
  3. So I was wondering how you animate objects. Like beds that let you lay down or when you click the covers they fold back. Or does anyone at least know of a guide? And for godsakes, do not say classes.
  4. Eveeoni

    Crafting question...

    Im new to the whole crafting thing and SL in general. So If I misuse terms- well you know. To my understanding prims are objects or building blocks around that create different things when combined. Like a cube. I also know that areas can only hold so many prims at a time. So I pose a question. When you use prims to create furniture- lets say you used 3 cubes to make something... and you link them together as one object, does it still count as 3 prims in the area prim count or 1 since they're linked?
  5. I'm wondering if it is required to feed pets. I'm currently looking at a mount that also acts as a pet- says it can eat and stuff. I just want to know if it will be burning a hole in my pocket x_x
  6. In the game second life I purchased a mount. It says it's a proper mount that has to be rezzed, not worn. How do you rezz a mount so you can ride it? when I open it up I only see stuff for my hud... I cant find the mount... When I equip the hud item it gives me an option "call" my mount but it never appears. If I go to the sandbox it says nothing. If I leave it it says I cant rezz there and it makes the calling noise.
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