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  1. hello, cute story i hope it works out for you twoo )))) well my story is, i met my rl partner on sl first, known each other for almost a year and a half been together for almost a year. we met in an odd way, at a club people saying where they are from, the one time i actually admitted to my state, and said it in local chat, i get an im asking which part i was from, and turned out me and him lived only 5 hours apart. )) we chatted up that night for almost 8 hours haha didnt sleep, it was soem of the best conversation of my life... we eventually started dating in sl and then moved it to rl, we finally met in rl about 9 months after meeting each other in sl and we had been in love with each other from even before then, but meeting confirmed it, we eventually moved in together, with only meeting each other 3 times a total of 30 days together. but spending all night and all day talking to each other every single day, meeting each others family, we knew it was right. we live together now and have for almost 4 months. it is a great relationship, and i can honestly say, i have found my soulmate )) so it can happen, believe me, im living proof that you can find who you are suppose to be with in sl just like there is fate in rl, that also applies for sl as well lols good luck you too, but be careful, it took me a lot of a**holes before i found my mr right in sl.... so just know not all are going to work, but some just might... )
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