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  1. Drongle McMahon wrote: "Do sculpties calculate differently as well?" Just like standard prims, if sculpties are not linked to mesh and have physics shape type "Prim", they are evaluated, for parcel capacity consumption, as they always were. Otherwise they are evaluated accounting using the new system, in which case they will (generally) be very expensive. It's not a good idea to lin mesh and sculpties, or to try to use physics shape type "None" on sculpties (which is a pity). IE you get better impact just tossing the physics and using prims for collision boxes? So effing lame. I can't even fathom why they thought this made sense. It actually solves a little problem I had, since the collision boxes seem off anyways. I've got a building made of mesh (the one I OP'd about) and the collision floats you a 1/4-1/8m off the floor. Does a lot for my confidence in LL, not that it was too high to begin with.
  2. Yeah, and determining new weighting shouldn't be that hard...Something like: list linkset = //whateverinteger weight = 0;// loop through set{ if(linkset[index] == MESH) { weight += // weight of mesh }else // PRIM and MESH { weight += 1; }} Do sculpties calculate differently as well?
  3. I came back to SL after a year and the sandbox I was fiddling around in got griefed. Big flexy physic cubes that made sound. Good to see nothing has changed
  4. Oh, so it's treating the prim as a mesh when linked to a mesh? Still doesn't make any damn sense, but I can live with it. I'd rather keep my stuff as one happy object than break it up like that, but whatever
  5. That doesn't quite make sense to me, but whatever
  6. So I've got a small mix of meshes and prims (4:3). Two of the meshes are 13 and 14 PE, the other two are 1 (13+14+1 * 2 + 1 * 3 = 32). When I link them, it jumps from that 32 up to 65LE.... What?
  7. I think it was how I was doing the UVs, got it back down to 24 vert, 12 tris which is better than the 72 it was at What's strange is that in maya it only shows 8 connected verticies.
  8. Nope, have a second copy that doesn't have UVs and it exports better. Still looks to have too many though (24 vs 8)
  9. Kwakkelde Kwak wrote: I'm not 100% sure, but I think SL has to double vertices on a hard edge, try UV mapping the box with one texture and see what happens... Right over my head, thought it was one texture :matte-motes-bored:
  10. I made myself a little box to try and learn UVs. It lists as having 3x the verticies and triangles when uploaded. I'm going from Sketchup->Maya for UVs->SL. I've never done any unwrapping before, so I'm really not sure what I'm doing wrong :D Can anyone help me out with this? And on the subject, has anyone thought of stickying a thread with a good pipeline in it? IE the steps one takes to create a proper mesh?
  11. Which is more appealing: a skybox or a ground-level home? Or something like this?
  12. Quick example of a probably soon-to-be-dropped style, done in mesh. Has an impact of something like 26, though it's made in one batch instead of separate parts like I should have done. I also didn't import it right and didn't do physics right, so there are invisible prims for collision. Optimized, it might be 1/2 - 1/4 the impact.
  13. Prim vs Mesh Here's a little example Mesh trounces prims, in this case a mesh roof had 1/8th the land impact as a prim version, not to mention a far superior performance in the other metrics.
  14. Coby Foden wrote: Publik wrote: In short, what is your dream home, and what can it do? Edit: Actually, what do people do in their homes aside from **bleep**? That's about the only thing I can find on the market: homes with "hundreds of non-freebie animations" in the bed/couch/kitchen sink. If I was to buy a house now, the most important thing would be that it is in proper scale 1:1. Not oversized 1.25 times larger, nor even 1.5 larger. Those oversized are for the giant avies. As my avatar is close to true RL height I would not want oversized house to consume most of the limited land area. I would like to have lots free space around the house too. Preferably the house should be built with prims and mesh, no sculpties. Lots of dimmable windows. No kitchen (we don't get hungry in SL), no toilets (we don't need to pee). Bedroom, hmmm... I really see no use for it. Avies don't sleep and pixel *bleep* does not interest me.:smileytongue: Unfurnished house as I would like to buy the furniture separately. Open spacious balconies would be nice. The appearance of the house should be suitable for some tropical island scenery. No need for any animations nor poseballs, one can buy what one might need separately. Just a good looking empty house what can be decorated to ones liking. With the scale, I agree that to-scale housing looks better, but then you have to deal with the camera being stuck in the ceiling. In your case, the ideal house would not be pre-furnished, but if the furniture included was what you were thinking of getting anyways would it be a plus? And if you don't want it to be furnished, why? Is it that it would look like every other copy of the house, or that the features are not there? Open and airy or closed and concrete, and would you use it as a hang-out or?
  15. I might actually do that Makes them sound affordable.
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