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  1. For the last couple of days the land and objects are taking time to rez. Is there an SL problem at the moment. My settings and internet connection is ok. Just the last couple of days SL has been bad
  2. Hi Just have been inworld then got booted out. I am getting the message something has gone wrong anfd the check server status. There is nothing on there saying there is an issue.. is anyone else getting issues logging in?
  3. My transaction has gone through for 1000L$ but I haven't received it, who do I contact on a basic account?
  4. Hi, my partner HH a bundle by accident...Is there any way I can get it rebuilt. I have heard they can but not sure whether this is correct. Many thanks in advance.
  5. Please could someone help, last week we got had by a fake horse costing us 3000LS. A report was submitted to Linden Labs, where and who do we turn the fake horse over to so they can track who created it. Many thanks. Sorry I ment that it was on a horse sim for sale, and didnt noticed until we got it home and went to edit the horse info. Thank you in advance for any replies.
  6. My avatar's clothes are not loading, Other people can see my clothes but not me, I have cleared all cache's numerous times but no luck. I log on as a cloud then rebake textures but still no luck. Can someone throw me some help as LL aren't helping because I have basic membership. Thanks
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