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  1. Are you looking for a employment in the world of Second life? Well look no further. ICE Danceclub is now hiring DJ's, Hosts, & Dancers. Pay: DJ's - 100% tips with possible month end bonus Hosts & Dancers - 80% tips with possible month end bonus Main requirements: All positions - Passionate, Team player, Friendly, Loves working alongside others, outgoing personality, has the ability to interact with the VIP's. Must be 90 days old, have experience, and be reliable/dependable. DJ's - Must be able to use the mic and take request and have your own stream. Hosts/Dancers - Applicants must be at least 90 days old, 21 years of age or older in real life and know their way around some of the second life commands such as ejecting, handing out notecards and landmarks, handing out VIP invites to guests, assisting our entertainers, and so on and so forth. ICE Danceclub do not allow nudity, all naughty bits must remain covered at all times. Our dancers are not required nor permited to strip. ~ Your shifts consist of 2 hours each and are expected to take at least 2 shifts per week. ~ Currently our hours are from 10 am - midnight slt Monday thru Saturday. However my goal is to get enough staff on board to be able to keep the club open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please note that I (Fae Rain) do not always read these forums so if you need to contact me, please send me an IM or send a notecard to me if I am offline as my IM's get capped. Applications are located at the club on the back wall in the "Now Hiring" board under the DJ shoutcast board. Teleport to the club by clicking on the link below. ICE Danceclub & Minimall ~ Fae Rain (ICE Danceclub Owner)
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