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  1. Hi! This is what works for me: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Exporting_a_mesh_from_3ds_Max Especially read the part named: Gotchas and workarounds (Fixing number of bones) Greets Chefkoch
  2. Hurra i got the spacaship! :smileyvery-happy: I visited Hippie Bowman at his airport and he showed me how to ride the ship very wild. He flight some great maneuvers and loopings up into space. My stomache had just calmed down when we jumped into a space-taxi and went on another ride. The taxi makes a great automated tour with many stations across the whole sim up into space. You should really check his airport out! Thank you again for the ship and the nice tour. Greets Jeff Gogh (chefkoch.resident)
  3. Hello Hippie Bowman! I would like to get your spaceship aswell. Looks big. I like big vehicles. Greets chefkoch.resident
  4. RABBIT ALARM! I filmed this video on the MysterySLand festival at the last wekend. Its about angry rabbits! I built this rabbit installation at my place there to amuse the visitors. It's Cool! Greets Jeff Gogh
  5. Secondlife 2012 - Odd Ball - by oddfellow studios (7th rezzday party of one member) I got a TP to that party and enjoyed it a lot, never seen such crazy extreme psychedelic effects before :) Also the goa style trance music there was really great. You should visit one of their parties! Must have seen live! Its cool. Informations about what&who&when you will find at http://www.oddfellowstudios.com my page: http://sambadibanana.tumblr.com/ Greets Jeff Gogh
  6. By touching or clicking the rotating iron bars it generates sound and particle effects. Avatars from all over the world make special live music together. Friends invited me to this place and so i decided to make a spontaneous Video. Secondlife 2012 - Interactive 3D performance "To Be The Wind" by Tyrehl Byk/Ultraviolet Alter My page: http://sambadibanana.tumblr.com/ Greets Jeff Gogh
  7. I created a new funky videoclip about my giant avatar last night. Its so extreme great. Check it out. Available in Marketplace NOW. Giant Greets, Jeff Gogh (chefkoch.resident) 
  8. I found some older clips on my harddisk and compiled a fast raw cut clip with it: The biggest mesh avatar of secondlife - 345meter Giant Colossus HD:  Its the smallest one of my giant avatars. Greets Jeff Gogh.
  9. Hello! Any news on twitter OAuth working with LSL again? I would like to use this function. Can somebody help? Greets Jeff
  10. Hello Forum Members! I created this clip last night for you to watch: When I'm bored, I play with my balls. xD // Watch in 720p HD Secondlife 2012 - Shadow and Projector Lights Experiments - 20mins (20mins??!? YES) HD Video Recorded with FRAPS and the great EXODUS Viewer with deferred rendering settings and turned on shadows of sun/moon + projectors (which the rolling spheres are) My Secondlife-Playlist now contains 25 Clips with a total running-time of 2:39:30 Hours and even got already 2 comments! Wow! I would be happy if you comment/subscribe/reblog/embed/retweet my YT-Channel. Thats fantastic! :) Greets Jeff
  11. I did let the visitors land in a british phone booth on my land. Was always fun to watch.
  12. Hi Boardmembers! I just found this forum and want to say hello to all people here. I am quite new in filming machinima stuff in SL which offers a lot of fun and creativity to me. The mesh-babe is the latest clip i created yesterday. It is using the standart female SL avatar transformed into mesh, resized a little bit and provided with a shiny effect on the avatar to make it look really oily. I hope this clip makes you smile. I created a YT channel where i put my SL-clips. There you can find 24 of them right now with a total playtime of 2:20:16 hours. See them here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLF1836718DCE612F3&feature=mh_lolz They are not real machinima, or perhaps they are? But its all filmed in SL. Thats cool. A little bit fun must be. :D Greetz Jeff Gogh (chefkoch.resident) http://sambadibanana.tumblr.com/
  13. Hi, i am Chefkoch Resident from germany. I want to register for mesh-upload but Linden Page does not accept any of my paying methods. I have: * German Banking Card * verified Paypal account with some Euros on it * Prepaid Mastercard with money on it and its even added to my Paypal account too Linden does not let me verify. it looks good at first and then when i get redirected fro Paypal Page to Linden it always ends with: You must have a verified PayPal account to continue. I called Paypal Hotline 2 times and they told me everything is okay with my Paypal account and its verified too. I called Linden Hotline 5 Times but they tell me to phone with Paypal again or i should get a Ticked. I even tried to get a Premium Membership, but this also not working. Why does Linden not want my money? Why do you not accept anything of my Payments for to activate my mesh-upload status? What can i do to activate Mesh Upload NOW? PS: I uploades Meshes succesfully on the betagrid without any problems. I also have taken the mesh upload quiz sucessful. Who can help me now? Feel free to contact me inworld too if you have any hints for me. Chefkoch Resident EDIT/UPDATE: I found a page where it said i have to put a Zero "0" in front of my 3 digits credit-card secret number and i am verified now. But now still the same Problem as all others here, the mesh IP tutorial will not finish. Please can you check my account too and make it work.
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