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  1. I am absolutely sure that when the next update is downloaded and installed, that the chat logs, and my icons (which I forgot to mention) will revert to default locations as they did after the previous updates.
  2. It's been a trend. After each update, not only do the chat logs revert to default location, My custom placed icons such as tools, people, about land, inventory, outfits revert to the default left side as well. It slipped my mind as the logs seem to be more important at the moment. I don't use Firestorm so I cannot speak for that viewer. This is the SL viewer that I am referring to.
  3. No Nalates, I am not uninstalling any versions prior to the (automatic) update. This has been happening for quite some time. I detected the issue when I recently seached for a chat log pertaining to a specific avatar and noticed it was located on the C: drive in users... etc...(default location.) At that point I thought I should monitor this issue and I have noticed that after each update, the chat log location reverts to default rather than the previously set D:\SL folder. I am away from the main computer atm, but i will update the version of the viewer as per your instructions ASAP. Tha
  4. Considering the frequency of updates Linden Labs has been deliverying. It is really annoying to have to change this everytime an update is installled. If one forgets to change this immediately, they end up with saved logs all over the place. I have a set folder on my D drive and I wish LL would implement some type of detection in the SL viewer so that the logs would remain where they are. Viewer info : Second Life 3.4.3 (267755) Dec 5 2012 18:39:54
  5. You are very much correct. That place is a rare gem well hidden in the bowels of Second Life. Is there a way that I can show my appreciation for your accurate and prompt response to my post?
  6. This is tricky. Many of you would consider this a copyright infringement but not so in any way or form. The original hair was not flexi. The original hair is not mesh and the original hair is not available. The reason that I am interested in a particular style is that the hair has realistic features throughout. If you are the designer of this hair, my search would end by me paying you twice the amount that you originally offered this hair style at since it is discontinued. If you are a mesh designer, I would gladly pay you 4x for a similar design. I do not like spending my valuable time se
  7. A good percentage of SL is made up of clubs and animators have taken dances to the next level with Mocap. Unfortunately, most of the DJ poses and animations are DULL. Can anyone direct me to an animator/vendor who has something worth looking at?
  8. Hi, I have the Traktor S4 and a pc with a Delta 1010LT pro audio card. I set up the stream in Traktor preferences but only get the meta data on the server (broadcast light is solid blue) . There is no audio on the listener side. What tips can you offer so that I can stream to an icecast server? I also installed Icecast on the PC. This is one major mind bender. I definitely dont want to revert to VDJ. That would be the equivalent to trading in a Rolls Royce for a Ford Gremlin!
  9. Distilled Sanity is a multi event club and we are looking for people who want to have some fun and make some lindens. If you have experience in DJing, Managing, Promoting, contact Richard Lacombe
  10. Ever wish you had a cool club to hold a party at? Distilled Sanity is a spacious nightclub/lounge in SL that offers a contemporary design with a round bar, plenty of seating and a high end DJ booth. Impress your guests with reflective floors and a revolving wall! It's a club like no other. Contact Richard Lacombe TP to Distilled Sanity
  11. DJ Robbie Montana from Portugal cranks up the volume and plays it hard. Turn up the volume to his pounding beats. Invite your friends. You wont want to miss this Event! TP to Distilled Sanity
  12. We are seeking experienced DJs, Managers, Hosts and Hostesses, Dancers and Entertainers, who love what they do and do it well. All shifts are available. Qualifications - Be motivated, look your role, and a quality Animation Override is a must. R U READY ?? SEND YOUR STATS or CONTACT RICHARD LACOMBE A.S.A.P
  13. The subject pretty much says it all. Is anyone else still experiencing this nonsense? There are no updates in Grid Status. Since the 26th, SL has been more of an annoyance than anything else.
  14. I have a nice design here and gave up on building the roof. If you are good with sculpties/mesh, Lets talk. The projects would require the roof and the base.
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