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  1. Whether you wish to be a warrior or a slave, or a citizen or a noble...Kalahari has it all! Here you can be anything (we are really open minded). Come join the relaxing kingdom that is built on the desert... Join in on the current roleplay! Watch as three sisters take the throne from the Sultan or choose a side! Your choice... http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seyfert/156/160/25/?title=Kalahari-The%20kingdom%20for%20all (Also note that the kingdom is going through big changes currently and we would love to have you as part of those changes!!!)
  2. Edited it...just noticed that. Someone gave me a notecard to post on here because I thought it would be a good idea. Apperantly I didn't read >.< Thank you for pointing it out.
  3. Hello all, I would like to take you down into the desert to a little kingdom called Kalahari. This kingdom is ran by the generous Sultan and his Queen. This kingdom is quite relaxed and is very peaceful-if that is what you are looking for. There are many roles in the kingdom such as warrior, merchant, harem girl, bellydancer.....oh the list goes on. The kingdom is currently being rebuilt but many can still come and enjoy it. In fact, I encourage you to stop by! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seyfert/181/156/25/
  4. Thank you both. I have been doing that and have been exploring many sims!
  5. I am searching for a great place to roleplay at as a witch. I have my own spell hud; but, I use it for fun right now. I am willing to use it for roleplay as well unless there is already a designated way at your roleplay area. I am new to the whole witch idea (I have created this avatar to explore that side. I am used to roleplaying as a Vampire and a warrior). If you have a great place for a new coming witch then leave a reply with a Slrul or IM me (Pershepone) in world! Thank you and I look forward to bewitching your lands!!!
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