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  1. Thanks so much!! :catvery-happy:
  2. I sent a notecard to the creater of the ad but have not heard a response back; its been a hot minute, so can someone please tell me who they think made the purple hair on this ad?
  3. Thanks guys Ill check out both of those designers. If anything I may have found new creators I may like lol
  4. Please post a picture so we can see what it is your wanting. Its alot easier that way, and more people are likely to help.
  5. Yes I have messed the creator but I am unsure if or when they will get back to me so any help is appreciated.
  6. I rent property and have it set to a group. Can I place a skybox above my home and use it as a gacha shop and not change the fact that my land is set to a group? Will others be able to teleport in the skybox but not be allowed in my home as is? If I have to change those settings how do I go about it and lastly (maybe) If I have to change those settings how can I prevent others from going where I do not want them (mostly my home, and actual land)?
  7. So I have downloaded blender and am going to start using it but how do I know what I am making will be the appropriate size? Is there a scale builders use when creating for Second Life?
  8. Well I think that what looks good on an avatar is subjective to what the person behind the avatar likes. When I first came back to Second Life after being gone for a while I went to blogs to find out what others were wearing. It did take me a bit to actually buy since I would read then go to stores and get demos to see if I was actually going to like what I saw on the blog. Doing it this way helped me to make sure I was getting something I would really like and would work with my shape. I found a few complete outfits on blogs that I bought since I liked those so much but now I have what I feel is a good idea on what looks good to me. I like high detail, quality textures and it must be well rigged. Some blogs will even tell you if items were group gifts or freebies. My best advice on freebies would be just because you are on a budget it doesn't mean that you cant look good. If a freebie isn't up to a high quality don't get it. Groups are a greet way to not only get great group gifts but will help you with questions you have on who is a great skinner or avatar maker. Recently I asked who the group members felt made great wings for a petite fairy. Everyone in the We <3 RP was EXTREMELY helpful and I found some amazing wings that I am getting. Don't settle just because something you really like is expensive; wait and save your lindens, you will eventually have enough. When I came back to Second Life I basically started over and threw ALL of my old inventory into a few boxes and started completely over. As always you can google Second Life Blogs or here are the following blogs I started with, still read, and love... Fashion http://juicybomb.com/ http://strawberrysingh.com/ For Kids http://second-youth-feeds.blogspot.com/search?updated-max=2015-06-01T02:11:00-07:00 Freebies https://fabfree.wordpress.com/ Home Decor and decorating http://lovetodecoratesl.com/ Shameless and hopeless self promotion https://cindafukinrella.wordpress.com/ If you have questions just send me a note card in world and Ill help as much as I can.
  9. Actually that post has been the most helpful, and by no means did I take it entirely personal only slightly so. I had read about the manual, had even found it, and read bits and pieces but could not find what I was looking for. I had infact found the specific part of the manual dealing with the material and infact followed the instructions however very stupidly and hastily did not want to; nor did I take the time to; read the rest of the manual. -.- You would have thought after two years of working on another chat program and developing for it that the idea of not putting the cart before the horse would have been apparent.To be quiet frank and honest the small little voice telling me that; may have been slightly ignored. Ok, I even point blank told it to shut up. So I am off to read the deaded manual, suck it up and learn blender. Its gonna be like taking nasty meds when your sick but Im gonna do it. Lastly thank you for the virtual spanking so to speak, it was needed. I didnt learn html coding by skiping the small stuff and I am not going to learn this by doing so either. I may not like it but at the end of the day your right, when its all said and done Ill be able to look back and see how far I have come; and that wil have made all the difference.:smileytongue:
  10. Is there perhaps a tutorial on how to assign a material to the sculpt. I am a little lost on that part and have looked for several days.
  11. In regards to the first suggestion, I have put my sculpt map into blender and saved my obj file, then I put it into photoshop and got my 3d object. I am new to using the 3d in photoshop so after that its a big fat nothing on what to do next. lol I just wanted to ask two other questions. Do I just start painting the object like I would anything else in photoshop making sure to get all the sides? And the next question is how do I save the file so that I can then use the texture in photoshop? If there is a tutorial or two out there that you know of that would help so you dont have to explain everything that would be great.
  12. Thank you all for the sugestions. I think Ill start with the first and see how that goes. I have had Blender on my computer several times and removed it because I was too lazy to want to learn to use it. It seems that now is the time to learn >.< Since I have PS CS5 it should be fairly easy to take the 3D model and make the texture in there and it gives me the added excuse to learn another thing in photoshop that I have been putting off. I have saved the other texture things and will go ahead and check out the other ways of doing it for the times I get something and need to know those ways of texturing in SL.
  13. Is there any way to make a texture for a sculpted prim easier than just making loads of textures and hoping I land in the right spot in regards to where I want things to go on the texture? I have bought something that came with the sculpt maps but no texture maps and I need to make my own texture for it.
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