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  1. I generally agree with that, and even when I did do this, it was always just one of many checks performed. My suggestion was more of an idea that could help make it easier for those people who have made (or paid other people to make) scripts that do this. It seems it would be doable from your end, and fairly trivial for most people to just direct that reverse lookup to another server. Just throwing ideas out since I'm guessing that quite a few in-world systems will be affected by the change and not everyone is all that capable of implementing alternatives.
  2. Could you set up a name server at a specific address that does nothing but verify the IP was recently used as an HTTP-out proxy, and respond with NXDOMAIN if it was not? I think this would be the simplest solution for people that are just trying to do some source verification on scripts expecting traffic only from SL simulators... Just thought I'd throw that out there. I don't have anything in SL that does this now, but I have used the name servers for a first stage of authenticating the source in the past. It sounds like that is all that is being "broken" here. It wouldn't ha
  3. I'm seeing a lot of people posting messages about sploders and other "games" which are clearly games of pure chance, haven't been allowed by the TOS for quite some time, still will not be allowed, and therefore are not relevant at all. If they haven't been removed, it may be because the amount that people generally put into them is so insignificant that they simply do not care, or that they just never received an AR on that particular item. We can all talk about how this policy may apply to anything and everything within SL, but it is unlikely to help get the relevant questions answered. It
  4. As my previous post seems to have gone completely ignored, I shall ask the most important of the questions once again... Question 1: Under section 4 © of the application, it is stated that "the transactions of an Operator Account shall be limited to transactions with Second Life residents through the approved Skill Games..." And then, below that is an exception (i) which states "Under limited circumstances, the Operator Account will be allowed to make Linden Dollar payments to Second Life residents who provide services to an Operator..." Could you, Linden Lab, please explain what the
  5. There's a lot about this that seems like a good idea, and even a few things that I have, in the past, wished for as a creator. The idea that the games can be presented to Linden Lab and approved prior to actually implementing them is great. No more guessing, if we have a game idea, just write up some specifications, send them in a supplemental application, make any adjustments to the specifications, get approval, and then start coding... It will save me a lot of time in the end, and you're certainly going to make several attorneys happy as well. Also, there are dozens of unanswered questio
  6. I cannot put ANY banner image on my store at all. And the animated one wasn't flashy really. You have to know how to do it right so it looks good instead of annoying. But anyway it isn't really important if it can be animated. It would just be nice to be able to put some image.
  7. Okay, so I tried uploading a store banner image I made for my store. It was the exact dimensions (700x100) specified, and it was GIF format (animated). It didn't display on my store page, but it did on my merchant home page. I found some posts here that said animated banner images were broken because of some file conversion being done somewhere. I converted the image to a static image instead and tried using PNG, GIF, and JPG formats and none of them displayed either. I then thought that maybe the problem was that they had been saved using an indexed palette, so I tried converting them to
  8. I created a store. It had some mild profanity in the name of it. I listed an item which was clearly not of mature or adult nature at all, and it was flagged for profanity. I am unable to find a way to rate the store as "mature" just so I can keep the name, so I just changed it. Am I understanding the reason for my only item being flagged correctly? How do I relist the item? Who and/or what is flagging my item like this? I looked through all of the guidelines fairly carefully and saw nothing indicating that what I was doing wasn't okay. It would have been nice to get some kind
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