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  1. Thank you Innula ! The answers I sought.
  2. I have very basic questions about RLV and am having a hard time finding those rudimentary answers. Complex ones I can find , just not the simple ones. 1. If an avatar is not wearing a RLV enabled item (like and open collar) are you still able to undress them? What about position, move, or trap them? 2. If an avatar is in the hunter role what settings keep them from inadvertantly being subject to controls or capture? (the viewer is phoenix) 3. Everything I read talks about having a relay. Is the relay only necessary for the restrained party ? Is it also necessary that the restrainer have a relay.? I'll accept any information in private message if that's more appropriate. I also would be grateful for any directions to RLV tutorials though most of the ones I find are written to assist the restrained as opposed to the restrainer.
  3. I ilke being asked whether or not I' would like to allow media by location, the ability to blacklist urls , and can't stand bein ruthed.
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