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  1. Hey, I am thinking of buying land inworld although in a rental kind of way due to premium account situation. The land I am considering is a sim with over 2000 prims that is called a Res/Com sim, does this mean I can run my shop from here as well as have my home but also rent the remaining property to another resident? I read somewhere that there are a maximum number of properties on one sim and I have low prim homes (around 6 in total) can I do this or am I wasting my time? Thanks for any help in advance.
  2. Hey, thanks. Yeh I thought that from the start and went from being a 16 teen to being more 18 teen. That way I am still a teen but in a safer setting. I mean 18 is only 4 yrs younger than I actually am anyway but I joined a high school and stuff so I thought that might be a safer area where all people are over 18 but playing g-rated teen roles. Thanks for your answer :smileyhappy:
  3. Hey I am a RL 20s female who is currently roleplaying a teenager in SL. We all like to relive our youth I think lol. I enjoy Roleplaying and would like to meet some new friends along the way. Does anyone else rp with schools/colleges as a teen?
  4. Hey all I am looking for people who like to roleplay, I am roleplaying a teen right now. Age will vary 16-18 depending on the school I am at. I am not new to SL even though my profile date says so. I just deleted my last one a few months ago but wanted to come back again. If you wanna be friends, please get in touch :smileyhappy: Early twenties female in RL but want to relive my teens lol, its fun to RP in SL. LilliAlani Resident
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