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  1. The first time this happened I changed my password and relogged, and things were fine again. That was yesterday. I log in again today, and things look fine, but then I notice my linden balance is at 20 again, while it shows the correct balance on my account summary... I think this happens when I've left my computer and my status has gon to 'away', but I'm not sure if that's actually it... What's going on? Does this mean my account is at risk somehow, or is it a SL glitch? Is there something I can do to fix this for good? Edit: Thanks for you answers, guys, it's quite the relief ^^;
  2. Yeah, I responded to her. I am using viewer 2, as I always do, but I don't want to lose my outfits, because I put so much time into them...
  3. I did that, right clicked the icon that said NVIDIA GeForce 9200, and selected the option for it to update the driver software. When that was done, I tried to launch SL again, and it had a new update, so I let that run, relaunched, and it STILL is giving me the same problem... *HEADDESK*
  4. Hmm... I'd certainly do that, but this is kind of a custom built computer, so I have no idea how to figure out the manufacturer, or even how to access the card to find out. My computer savvy is limited ^^;
  5. Yes, very much so The desktop icon says "Second Life Viewer 2" I'd rather not lose my outfits though; I put a lot of time into them, and I don't know about downgrading my viewer... I mean the one I have was working fine before all this...
  6. See... the problem, and I guess the situation that caused, it is this: I was playing normally, and a friend sent me a link to a YouTube video, but when I clicked it and the video opened, SL started lagging, and moments later I got the crash message "Darn, you have been logged out. This region could be experiencing difficulties. View IMs and Chat. Quit." Bla bla bla. Fine, I'll just launch the game again, right? No such luck. I have tried everything I can think of to get back in normally, but I keep getting that crash. I know it's not the region, because after trying "log back in at last location" I tried logging in at my home location with the same crash, I tried typing in a region to go to, all with that same crash. I tried haven nothing running but SL; same crash. There were multiple times I tried restarting my computer in various ways (basic restart, and turning it off and letting it sit) and then only having SL running; same thing. I tried leaving my computer alone for a few hours and trying previous tricks again; still no luck. I tried clearing SL's cache; nothing doing. My next idea comes from right clicking on the launcher. It gives me the option to restore the game to a previous version using what looks like a system backup image or something. If I try that, will I lose everything from after that backup date? You know, like items, pets, outfits, land, Lindens, recently added friends from my list, folders and note cards made, and so on? Edit: Thanks for responding, guys. Well I had already cleared SL's cache before with no luck, so I didn't bother to try that again. I went ahead with the restore, but the problem was still the same... So, I uninstalled and reinstalled it, but the problem hasn't changed... I don't know how to do anything with my graphics card, so I'm just going to try waiting and my other methods again until it decides to work... Edit 2: On second thought... maybe I will try clearing my cache and waiting again. Edit 3: Buuuut... again, it didn't work... Edit 4: I tried leaving my computer off all night, turned it on again when I woke up, and tried to launch again, but nothing has changed. As for what viewer I use, yes it's viewer 2. Edit 5: I downloaded firestorm, and it worked! Thank you all for your help (especially Marigold, for sticking with me <3 )!
  7. I think it's because I have a premium account that I seem to have a linden allowance, but I might be mistaken, and it's for free accounts too, but my question is this: What is the allowance for the premium and the basic accounts, and how often is it received? I can't seem to find the answer on the site, but I could just be having one of my many ditz moments...
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