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  1. i've been there, It is still very basic. But building is amazingly easy. Importing mesh goes very smootthly. No costs at all.

    UV mapping , heightmap , scripting, rigging, very nice physics, animations . All is possible. Not only imports collada but also obj. Could be a real challenge for SL in the future because it dont need any downloads/installing. Just loads in the browser (Chrome) . Looks like AMD graphic card does not support it though.

    For people who have a hard time entering testgrids in SL this could be a good alternative.

    IMHO second life is still far superior and interesting , but Lindens watch this one and hurry up to stay ahead !!  

  2. maybe it has allready been posted but otherwise :

    here is a link to new info about the comming mesh deformer.

    I don't understand it all . But I can't wait untill its been released.

    As I understand it will take a little longer than I hoped for but thats the way it is. 

    Still Karl seems to to a great job though.


  3. i've been kicked out of a sim yesterday because people could'nt see mee. What amazes me the most is the over the top agression. Why are you in a virtual world if you can't coop with the evolution of imagination. I'm afraid it will take a longtime before mesh is accepted by the majority.

    I call on everyone with mesh avatars or mesh clothing not to give in. 

  4. Agree completely. I've been working also a long time understanding it all.

    Never realized the enormous impact of scale on PE. Some impact I could understand (does it take longer to render the same thing when its bigger?) But from 20 to 400 (in my case) is ridiculous. Please Lindens : don't kill your new baby with this never clearly  communicated rule. Change it to something more acceptable. And/or explain why?? 

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