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  1. New SL group: Erotic, Sensual, Feminine Wrestling For feminine girls that like erotic wrestling in leotards, pantyhose or lingerie. = NO scrappers, hard fights, beatings, bikers, noob looks & clothes, jeans, leather, muscle girls, giants, threats, nudes and NO Dommes seeking subs. = YES to wrestling, grabbing, rubbing, sensual & erotic domination by holds, pins and touch, ultimate surrender, ripping, pulling. IM to Amcruising for invite if you think you fit. If you join & fit in the NO list, you will be banned. Sky Lounge for Group
  2. I'm looking for templates to make high waist pantyhose. Anyone seen any or can help? Please Im me inworld if you can assistg - Amcruising Resident Many thanks in advance, Amanda xx
  3. Nylonia is an entire homestead (sim size) island for girls that like nylon, pantyose, spandex, bondage, wrestling and just general fun with its own kinky dance club, beach, castle and park, mall and lots of cuddles http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunside/135/230/32
  4. I need a security system to allow officers to eject people from my land WITHOUT checking the deed to land option, So vendors - do you have a server type system I can set up and givr an eject option to people on a security list?
  5. amcruising

    noise on land

    Thanks for your advice Rolig. I will ask neighbours...as long as it's not the North Koreans On that same note, is there a way for a malicios perosn to send a bomb by selcting our land via the map and "clicking send" or something? oh, and yes, the noise is just a sound like a bird scaring machine so it is a fraction of a second long but annoying - a "pop" but I did see an explosion so asking I shall do. thankies.
  6. amcruising

    noise on land

    Sorry, that answer looked as if it would do and it was helpful to find other objects that made noises but it did not find that one so I am still after an answer. Also, a person on a neighbouring piece of land can't fire guns or drop bombs at us can they? As I said, once I saw a tiny explosion on our land with the noise.
  7. amcruising

    noise on land

    We keep hearing a noise on our land that souds like a gun going off every now and then. We have looked for scripts on objects but can't find anything that could make it. Sometimes you can hear in louder in one spot that another. Once I heard it and saw what looked like a little explosion on the land. Any ideas please?
  8. I bought a new Acer Aspire D255E so I could get onto SL when traveling but viewer wont load. It has Windows 7 and Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3150 and processor: Intel Atom CPV N455 @ 1,66 GHz. Will this work somehow or do I need to do something? Help ....pretty please :)
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