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  1. Call me dumb, but why force an upgrade on us to some specially constructed way to manage our stores, if you don't even officially have the software out yet? I would like to know who your ideas man is, because he is clearly smoking some kind of pot. You thrive on stores making money, for you, and you basically cripple them by moving them to an unmanageable service, so nothing new can go up, nothing can get repriced, unless they agree to use a beta release viewer. Did no-one stop to think; "You know, this may cause us headaches?", How many even use an official viewer anyway?.. I don't, and I won't beta test someones potentially crashy software. Seriously, what a boneheaded move!... o.x
  2. This must be why people say Lindens are unapprochable, they hold their meetup events in places run by owners with a stick up their backside Next one you have, have it on a place where everyone can go please. I too missed this because I refuse to let some Hitlerian sim owner decide who I can or cannot be just to visit their overinflated lagfest.
  3. Meh, this is just LL doing what LL does best; finding new ways to ignore the residents which fuel their weekend booze binges. There's no more onus on them to actually work at the bug fixes now, they can sweep them away far more easily. And yes, there will be naysayers who disagree with my viewpoint, but hey, LL has comfortably provided you with a way to make that claim, without anyone being able to prove otherwise. The transparancy has gone. It's that transparancy that we need. Especially from a company that has publically stated, that our views don't matter. It's THEIR business. Well, at least as far as Oz would have us believe anyway.
  4. After being teleported 5 times by these blasted Experience tools. I want to see them removed. It's clear that they are flawed, and not even properly live yet but being abused already. All this chatter about how to use them, we should all be discussiing how to prevent being hit by them. I'm a manager on two sims, we've had multiple users, on both sims, being teleported away without permissions being granted by these wonderful new toys. I'm afraid to tell you all, the trust in this system is waning fast, and I am doing my best to notify to everyone what the root cause is. These 'tools'..
  5. The people who wrote this, they aren't like the senators of the US? Vague in policy, and wanting to take credit when something goes right? Okay, so someone else has sort of confirmed that features like RLV sort of wont be affected, but thats not what the policy changes state. The online status thing I heard about, meh, I'm okay with that, more work needed now to fix some things I have in place, but not rocket science. Taken literally though, that means you won't be able to set a nice sunset on your parcel, because Linden Lab doesn't want you to do that unless you're an estate manager using their viewer. Taken literally it means features like the align tool in Firestorm can't be used, it alters the build experience. Can't use the particle editor, Can't use RLV. Sorry, but this was very badly worded, and I personally think you should take this and shove it in the bin, and redraw it. I did like the line about working with people to release it for all. Don't you already have this option anyway, as part of the agreement with releasing the snowstorm source. That additions made may be submitted back to the main codebase? Or is this a way for you to hinder development you don't want, so that you can take credit when you do want to? Because thats how the policy change reads to me, and about a dozen others in the the sim I'm presently on.
  6. Perhaps your friend simply doesn't think she needs to be recognised for the service? But it is a beautiful place there, I've been a few times myself.
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