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  1. If linden labs wont do anything to protect us then we will have to find other methods IM Fed up with Progeny IDIOTS coming and harassing my vips DO Something or there are other worlds we can take our business
  2. What can be done about progeny vampires coming to my land and attacking NON progeny vips Im fed up with these idiots and isnt it against TOS to attack people who are not in this group? What are you going to do about them?
  3. Someone came to my club and drained all our vips, since LL will not take responsibility for this then we have to deal with them in our own way I fully intend to take revenge in my own way as a computer programmer so beware my bite will be much worse than yours This should be illegal , not everyone wants to play your stupid game
  4. since the rolling restart my lad has been saying it doesnt exist to lots of ppl, , from pics they send me from land next door we are water BUT i can get there so and 2 other ppl, this is over 5hrs
  5. i have no friends list or groups, when i try to tp anywhere i crash, anyone any ideas ???? ive cleared cache and tried 3 differnt viewers And Yes ive a 10mb connection and as you see others are having same problem MAYBE we all have net connection problems LOL
  6. sure vside-radio streams can provide autodj for all functions look up DJxScotspaul Resident or djcrazy resident for more info
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