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  1. I've built a lighthouse for a class project and need a script for a yellow beacon light. We don't write script in this class so we can copy and import them into our projects. Where would a find a rotating yellow beacon script for my lighthouse?
  2. I'm building a site by the ocean for my SL class and am looking for instructions to build a lighthouse? Also, I'm actually looking for a site where you can find specific building instructions by using a search engine. I prefer video sites and am tired of looking through You Tube for the just right instructional video that does not cost money... lol
  3. I have written up the information you offered to me with visual examples as well as the script examples that you sent me for my future reference. I am also submitting this to my professor to distribute if he would like to do so. I would be happy to send you a copy also. MsReality
  4. First, let me explalin that it is perfectly alright for me to search out script and use it in my projects. My instructor has given our class permission to do so as this is not a scripting class but a first level class. He wants us to know how to add them to our objects and to view them but we are not required to write them. So asking for you assistance was encouraged by him and well within the parameters of our class. I have already informed him of my source. Thank you for that thorough explanation. I will print it and see if I can now make my examples work properly. Your patience and t
  5. I will check back later tonight
  6. I need to work on my WR227 paper that is due tomorrow... I've spent way too much time on this project and can't seem to get it figured out... is very frustrating for me... sigh
  7. One example is linked and the other isn't... however, the original that was sent to me was not linked either
  8. They aren't linked... is set up just as the one that was sent to me... the only thing i did was copy the script from the one sent to me into my parent prim
  9. I copied the script I was given which has a parent prim with two child prims. The parent prim has the script written that causes the two child prims to rotate... one to the left and one to the right... with permission I copied the script into prims that I created exactly like the ones sent to me... well it looks exactly like it anyway... but it won't work. I'm not sure why there is a difference in to two... I looked them over very carefully and could find no difference. However, It works fine in the prims shared with me. I was told that there is a place where is says someting like rotate (x,
  10. I copied the script I was given into my prims but it won't work. However, It works fine in the prims shared with me. I was told that there is a place where is says someting like rotate (x,y,x) that needs to be set but I don't know where to look to find it to make this work and where I find the (x,y,x) to insert that information. This is the script I was given default { state_entry() { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(2,[PRIM_OMEGA,<0.0,0.0,1.0>,0.3,0.3]); llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(3,[PRIM_OMEGA,<0.0,0.0,1.0>,-0.3,0.3]); } }
  11. I have copied your script into my own three prims but it won't work in mine. I checked out every aspect but can't get it to work I was given these instructions by a classmate but am now sure where or how to do this Jashar Resident: in the script therre is a place wehere is says someting like rotate (x,y,x).
  12. This is such a wonderful site! I was able to get my fountain to do exactly what I wanted it to do... I couldn't be more pleased with the assistance I received. I will save the scripting for use later for another project. I can't thank you enough!!!
  13. would you like to see my fountain so far... it looks great!
  14. I do not have them connected and they still rotate so I added one of my water prims to it and it rotates with the prim... I am so stoked! Now all I need to do is figure out how to add water particles around the fountain? Any advice? I sooooooooo appreciate what you've done to help me tonight!!!
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