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  1. FULL GRANDFATHER SIM 30K FOR SALE Serious offers only in L$ + buyer will pay 600$ transfer fee to LL to keep it grandfathered status Tier due 24th of each month name change and grid move with transfer Because it is a grandfathered sim, it must be paid in Linden not USD, ask any Linden before you get upset at me please. Contact Hilver resident inworld
  2. Grandfather Homestad for sale Ready for sale must be renamed and moved Tier Date is the 05th of the month sent best offer in L$ ( new rule from Lindens Lab) remember there is 300$ needed to keep it grandfathered Contact me In World: hilver resident
  3. 20K Prim Grandfather Sim for Sale Ready for sale must be renamed and moved Tier Date is the 10th of the month sent best offer and include 600$ in in to keep it grandfathered Contact me In World: hilver resident
  4. Want to buy a grandfathered full sim. Contact inworld Hilver or send a notecard. Include your price with the 600 dollar to keep it grandfathered. Thank you Hilver
  5. Selling two homestads on one ticket must be moved and renamed 225 dollar all in Plesas contact me inworld or by email for faster response
  6. Hello, you have a homestad for sale? please contact me with tier date, and how much you want for it. If you contact me inworld please send notecard. Greetings Hilver
  7. Full prim sim available Tier Date: 19th feb Price $450 or best offer including transfer must move and renamed Contact me inworld
  8. Full Prim Sim - 15000 prims, $275 or best offer Tier Date 1/20 I pay Transfer fee. Name Change and move Contact inworld by im or notecard Hilver
  9. Hi If you havaz a homestad for sell please contact Hilver with details here or leave a message or note behind in SL Greetings Hilver
  10. I have a full sim for sale (15.000 prims). Empty and cleaned ready to go Tierdate 20 July Sim named: Road to Hope ask price 400 (include trasfer fee) or best offer Please send notecard or contact hilver resident
  11. One openspace for selling Must be renamed and moved Price all in 200 usd or best offer Please sent notecard if not online message are capped Hilver
  12. I tought that this forum and "regions for sale: full regions" was about selling between owners but it seems more at a rent place advertising while there are other forums for or im i thinking wrong. Hilver
  13. Hi, Im wandering if it s possible to buy a sim and let it connect to the big area of Black Sea Thanks Hilver
  14. Parcels from 512 prims till ......... You want a smaller or bigger place no problem just let me know Renting: Homestad and Full sims also on demand within 24/hour Road to fun /ADULT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Fun/30/152/23 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Fun/227/31/21 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Fun/181/24/21 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Fun/144/20/21 Road to Awe /MODERATE http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Awe/84/155/21 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Awe/100/215/25 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Road%20to%20Awe/151/189/21
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