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  1. Too many reasons and risks to just downgrade to basic automatically. If you had a Linden Home and let's say a few mainland parcels, 100's or even 1,000's of objects on these parcels. would you want all the land seized and your objects returned? And then there's the business aspect, the income loss for those people who get that free month before the land is seized and objects returned.
  2. Well.... I'd like to add some of my own input based on the original post since so many have strayed and are now posting random and irrelevant information.... It's great you're reducing tier on Private Regions again, but now you're getting too close to Mainland pricing, so you really should reduce mainland pricing again as well. Although this really only benefits large estate holders to an extent. Being this is a public announcement, I am sure there will be many "Residents" who are going to assume and might even think tier prices should be reduced for them as well. Which actually makes it more of a burden based on the fees that have increased to accommodate the new tier prices. I can partially understand increasing the Premium prices, but at the same time it is a disappointment since MMO's that also have a subscriber base aren't raising their's. However, I am not against it if it's worthwhile. You have added a lot to premium perks, but you don't know if that's what we actually want. Speaking for myself, I would have preferred a larger stipend say 500L$ rather than 300L$, I appreciate the 1024 vs the 512 free land capacity, can't say much for the new Linden Homes since I can't get one, not all of us use experiences (some lack the knowledge to do so), I don't care about animesh (as premium we get 1 additional attachment? Who really cares?), and lastly, I personally don't need 10 more groups. Now speaking of groups... I completely disagree with limiting Basic members to 35 (from 42 - 7 group difference) and rewarding Premium members 70 (from 60 + 10 group difference) when you clearly state - and I quote: "groups really are quite a strain on our back end for a variety of painful historical reasons, including overloading group functionality instead of having other tools". If this is such a problem, fix it... You'll likely have better results with the Basic members which severely outweigh those of us whom are premium. I'm not suggesting being "Robin Hood" taking from premium to give to basic, rather that you just leave that alone. Process Credit Fees: Not even sure where to start with this, I realize cost of living increases and such annually, but the prices are getting a bit absurd. This is the second time you're raising the fees in the last 2 years and it's not a little change, you're doubling it. From what I can remember, it started at 1.5%, $3 minimum, $15 Maximum, moved to 2.5%, $3 minimum, $25 maximum, and now 5%, $3 minimum and NO maximum. As a business owner, I may have to raise my prices to stay in business and hope my customers understand the reason why I am doing so and I will need to hope they also remain loyal so that I won't have to close my doors. P.S. What's taking so long with getting the last name change ability?
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