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  1. I think there are still plenty of us out there, we just don't have a good school, etc. for us to go to which is a shame, I think if one was well done there would be plenty of students, we just don't have anywhere to go and meet other teens etc. Same for Tweens to, there's a lot of them around to, but no middle school for them.
  2. Ooh I love those suggestions!!! I'd love to live in a 50's sim!! And the high school and debutantes ideas are great!
  3. A lot of people agree with you there! Why not just ax the adult stuff if you want to involve everyone....it really just cheapends and demeans a good rp world anyway.
  4. I'll keep some of those in mind...I really don't like being around furries though. I'm looking for more of an elfie, woodsy sort of thing with perhaps elemental magic, not all the creepy dark stuff (don't we have enough of that IRL already ? )
  5. Are there any active fairy type rp's out there?
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