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  1. Thank you all very much for your replies. It is quite a ... well, zoo out there when it comes to dance HUDs and the like. lol. It's been a bit overwhelming as you have all made great suggestions. In my travels I've also come across AOs too... I'm finding my enjoyment of SL increasing, so many ways to make your toon your own. The point of this message was just to say thanks though, I didn't want anyone to think their advice was unappreciated, or not checked out. -Dakkar
  2. Sorry if this topic has been broached before, the search I did was crazy insane for weird results. The Subject is more a bunch of keywords for the next person that ends up searching for what I am. While I'm only a week and a bit old (in SL) I stumbled across some very amazing sims. One, Beachwood is a huge favourite of mine. Good dance music and live DJs etc. Since I'm not selling the place to anyone, I'll leave it at that. However, one of things Beachwood has are 2 dance screens. Male and Female, depending on your gender (or preference I guess) you touch a screen and it offers to animate your character in quite a few different dances. Really awesome. My partner and I like to go dance there, but the male and female dances don't really "go" together if you know what I mean. Then we noticed that there were groups of 2 or more people dancing the same dance in sync with each other! It was really awesome. After much Googling I found we needed something called a Dance HUD. I looked a few up and even found some in SL that I could demo. The demos that had the ability to invite people had built-in dances, that were not.. umm.. good. I played w/ one that had 70 dances, of which I'd probably only keep 5 of. Someone gave me a free Dance HUD that was empty but required me to wear a ball on my hip.. it doesn't look good w/ my outfit. My point being... At a dance session in Beachwood the Hostess shared something that allowed my Avatar to sync dancing w/ her and others. Sadly I'm uncomfortable IMing strangers so I never asked her what it was. Stupidly I didn't even take note of her name to IM her offline, it's killin me. So the moral of my story? I'm looking for a dance HUD that is mainly empty, doesn't attach to my body in some weird way, will allow me to import dance moves that I purchase, and will allow me at the very least to invite my partner to dance so she and I can dance in sync with each other. Oh, cheap would be awesome too! lol. Thanks for reading, and for any help. Dakkar
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