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  1. With some effort mesh can look better. It's why I upgraded, at first simply for realistic hands and feet. You highlight a good point tho, acquiring new mesh clothing, mesh body parts, skins and mesh accessories was a pain.
  2. Try changing shapes. You can change back right away.
  3. I'm often a dinkie or a steampunk fox now, simpler and more fun... not sure why I stayed human for so long, but I still go there, and do, tho I'm still just Gianni... which isn't just "just" Gianni, Signature makes good stuffs
  4. It's gonna slow my sl economy, since I don't sell goods (but I do buy them, go to clubs, tip DJ's & hosts, clothes, buildings, avatars, freaky stuffs, etc).. also dampens my interest in renting a homestead
  5. Hi, I need a theater built with a steampunk theme. A steampunk Globe Theater is my main idea, but others might work. I have elements, and of course marketplace but simply adding mesh/prims to an existing theater seems like it'd get 'heavy'. I'm hoping for a mostly mesh build that is visible at distance. Some prims might work too, textured right. Please reach out to me in world. Thx!
  6. What's the best way to hire a builder, what I need (building) involves mesh, beyond my skills. Any help? Thx.
  7. yes, I caught them up lol... not gonna be dead if i don't have to be
  8. I had RL medical probs and it took a lotta time, but to my SL friends I died. Came back to my in-world tombstone and all... which actually gave me good vibes.
  9. Not really sure what to title it, but are there guides in world for non-profit or social work installs/builds/communities?
  10. Recovery coach, addiction rehab (care coordinator type stuffs), sometimes writer.
  11. Hi, locking objects, does it affect scripts or just position? I've been locking en masse, but don't know, tho I've not encountered problems yet.
  12. Prefer Heterocera, open to others.
  13. Prefer road and rail, heterocera water and road, and rail. Square. A simple region name. Prefer, not a mandate. Square is kinda a mandate. Not too bendy. TY much. Looking to buy/rent.
  14. Looking for mainland... wondering about this. Are rez zones bordering your land a hassle or good for business?
  15. It's tight, they don't come loose often, particularly houseboats. Took me a month of daily tries.
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