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  1. you did not adress teh fact that teh web based profiles are much much slower, discouraging people from using them, and that this feature was NOT one of the issue that residents have repeatedly asked to be adressed.
  2. "That said, V1 versions are history and there's no point in discussing them; they will become unusable after mesh rolls out to the grid. As far as V2's are ocncerned, you obviously need to tweak your settings when running LL's V2." first: v1 based viewers are more than 2x as popular as v2 based viewers. This is by users whos have tried several viewers adn conscioulsy chosen. That being said, some viewers seem to work better depending on the computer being used. For most people that will be v1 based viwers, but not always. One problem with v2 is that it likes to reset graphics setting on logging in, so, if you have an average system you usually need to go to graphics settings and readjust for what works for you. Sure it wont look as good wehn you lower graphics settings, but tht just part of v2.
  3. Residents have voiced their preference for v1 based viwers by chosing phoenix more 200% more than v2. (70% phoenix, 30 % v2 and other viewers) One of the big beatures of v2 is lindens ability to place paid advertisements on our scree when we sish to do a simple search. The primary driver for adaptation of v2 is not user preference but the threat of discontination of v2. Great way to treat customers.
  4. Secondlife residents should not "HAVE" to get used to a ui and features tehy clearly do not like. Linden Lab should accomodate tehir customers, not vice versus. So far secondlife residents have overwhelmingly voiced their thought by their choice of viwers. currenly 60-70% Phoenix, 15% Firestorm, 15% V2.x and a few V1.23, singularity, etc. I am not sure what serviwe side features are rumored to be eliminated, but current v2 'features' such as web based profiles are a problem for many users with modest computers. SecondLife has a technical savy and engaged user base that Linden Labs has repeatedly ignored and offended with development of v2.
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