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  1. I'm still having the same issues too. About to just delete it all and start again >.< urgh, so much wasted time.
  2. So much easier than editing the layers like I've been told in the past. -.-
  3. Same problem here on windows 7 and firestorm version 4.4.2. The constant refreshing is causing my viewer to lag and freeze -.-;
  4. I'm trying to change over all of my items from the magic box to direct delivery. So I deleted my magic box and resynced and it is now showing me all the ones that are "no longer available" due to the box being gone. So far so good there. So I moved my folders into direct delivery, but when I try to manually associate the new objects for the appropriate listings and I hit update, nothing happens. It still shows as unassociated and unavailable. Help!
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