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  1. Just wanted to point out that I upgraded my computer, fixed all my problems... and now there's a ground on my motherboard somewhere causing a minor short. Until I find it, no luck, and my laptop is an ancient 2001 Sony with not enough resources to do anything but the web browser, hence my previous post.
  2. The link you gave at "here" took me to a beginniners page, with no way to login (visible to my browser). So if I wanted to create a new character, I could get in, but not with my current av. Is there another link maybe? A trick to get the login up?
  3. Please let me know how to get into the web-based browser. I have an older computer, it has enough power (barely) to log in. I was using Snowglobe and the LL disabled it. I'm now using Imprudence. And I'm a performer, every time a club I'm in drops the stream (mine or someone else's), the browser locks up. I've tried using SL2. It works. But after 45 minutes, I'm still rezzing. If anyone has any ideas for me, please let me know.
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