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  1. On 12/14/2011 at 9:00 PM, Persephone Emerald said:

    Since a large part of the Bloodlines and Hunger games seem ( to an outsider such as myself ) to be about the collection of blood points and souls, do young vampires sometimes create their own alts to bite and feed upon? Wouldn't this would be much cheaper in terms of time and money than buying coffins and such that renew one's vampiric health? Perhaps it wouldn't be promoting good role-playing, but it at least such vampires wouldn't be bothering newbies with bite requests?


  2. On 2/9/2015 at 9:58 PM, Lindal Kidd said:

    Your friend's information is wrong, there are no HUDs that will prove people have alts.  However, there is a grain of truth at the bottom of this claim.  At one time, there were some devices that could record a person's IP address.  These take advantage of the way the internet handles streaming audio and media -- the provider of a stream can determine your IP address.  Then the device would compare the IP address of two avatars.  If they matched, the device would flag them as alts.

    The problem with this is that it's not a reliable method.  Two people might have the same IP address because their service provider assigned it to one person on one day, and to the other person on a different day.  Or they might be two different people using computers hooked up to the same IP address because they were on the same network.  Conversely, a clever person might use various techniques to use many different IP addresses, and therefore the "alt detection" device would never see his accounts using the same IP address.

    Because of this, these types of devices caused a whole lot of argument and Drama. Arguments like this one...

    "You're Jim's alt!  My HUD says so." 

    "Huh?  I don't even know any Jim!" 



    In addition, Linden Lab decided that revealing someone's IP address was a case of revealing Real Life information and therefore against the Terms of Service.  All such "alt detectors" were banned from SL, and if you know someone has one you can Abuse Report them. 

    A fine point to remember:  It is NOT against the TOS to simply know someone's IP address.  It cannot be, or nobody could be a DJ or provide a music stream to anyone else in SL.  But is IS against TOS to share that information with anyone else without the person's knowledge and consent.

    One last comment...there's really no need to have alt detection devices to prove people have alts.  Anyone over a month old probably DOES have one or more alts.  Alts are extremely useful for any number of good reasons.  It's only when they are used to deceive or trick people that alts are a Bad Thing.

    Yup, they don't take into account that you might be on the same internet network and as far as I know the voodoo system works like this?

  3. On 9/3/2019 at 10:56 PM, GoSpeed Racer said:

    Mine I've used for pictures, mostly. Now I've immortalized them as characters in my novels.

    KONA Stream gathering


    Same. But I heard something about someone selling their accounts whether it's an alt or main and I have considered doing that with a few alts that I randomly made out of boredom still in legacy bodies.

  4. The first I created was out of curiosity and learning when I first heard about them in 2009. The next one was bc I got locked out of my main and it took awhile to get password reset after calling support in the past. The other is a toddledoo that I use for our baby sorority, pics, videos. The other one is from not having success with "relationships" in SL so he is to keep the pervs and assholes at bay. :) Also for family rp and the family name.

    Now one is a bank, one is a builder so I don't have to go into busy mode either, the others are family rp, Photos and video models. It's sad, but finding a family on SL is complicated and when you do they up and leave without a word or are drama filled. When it comes to rping family that stuff needs not be there.

    But anyway, I'm trying to find others to rp family with so I can retire my alts and see how it goes this time. 

  5. It looks like Unity Maxim is more fitting for our game. We are looking for something that has food and other things that affect your meter and such. Such thank you, everyone, for the help!

  6. Yes, that is an advantage and was one of our concerns as well. We will look into all of these combat systems and choose the one we need. Thank you for all of the help!

  7. I see, thank you Fionalein! We will look into those systems too. Even though the weapons are no copy they seem to fit better with our gameplay and theme. 

  8. We are trying to set up an MMO sim and are on DCS2 right now. We are running into problems with the spawning system and lack of support. We started to switch to zCs but it doesn't look to have a region claim system and seems GOR related which we are not interested in. Which system should we choose to use for a live action combat sim where players increase their points, levels, and class? 

  9.  I clearly am more familiar with DCS that is why I am asking about other systems. You can purchase the DSC claim system on MP and it's just more convenient. I will try to communicate with these names that you have given me and hopefully, they will respond.  If it wasn't made clear, customer support is a problem we are having with DSC and we don't need another system where there is no support. 

    Thanks for the help.

  10. We are trying to set up an MMO sim and are on DCS2 right now. We are running into problems with the spawning system and lack of support. We started to switch to zCs but it doesn't look to have a region claim system and seems GOR related which we are not interested in. Which system should we choose to use for a live action combat sim where players increase their points, levels, and class? 

  11. On 1/7/2018 at 10:38 AM, Zoxin said:

    I will ALWAYS encourage people to try their hand at modelling, it's becoming an increasingly relevant skill in the world today.

    You can also learn a lot at https://www.cgcookie.com/ and is generally the first place I point people to if they're serious about getting into it.


    As said prior to this post, check and compare creators and their portfolios, some art types will appeal more to certain projects than others -  we all have our specialities and come from very different backgrounds.


    Here's things you should do in order to get the response you need from a mesh creator:

    - Be sure to give a short description; Detail what you need your item to do (such as framework for a scripter).

    - For clothes, mention the body and any third party products you're wanting to possibly use it with.

    - Provide reference images, this is wholly important as it allows you to visually share your idea.

    - Ensure and proof read your request, go through it with your creator as any additions to the original project could incur you a charge to do so.

    - Be aware of agreements between you and the creator (get it in writing), lay out rules such as if you want it to be exclusive to you and not be resold by the creator.

    - Be professional and have patience, you'll get a much better product out of a creator who's having fun making your items - maybe an extra feature or two, too!

    Very well said!

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  12. Yes, Selena does not respond at all almost like she is no longer in sl or she just doesn't care about customer concerns and questions. It's terrible and the mesh body boobs on TMP, Belezza, and Maitreya look a lot better without all of the hassle you get with Lolas. Not trying to down her but that's what happens when you have poor customer service. I'm still waiting for a newer update and I have just given up on contacting her anymore. She has two notecards from me. I'm done.


    Okami Aquila

    "Just Do You"

  13. Ok, so I just learned about this late last year and I still have trouble figuring out exactly what this is and where can I get it? Is it a conversion system for appliers or just another azz? So confused about this. Thank you in advance.


    Okami Aquila

    "Just Do You"

  14. I think that this has happened to many of us that are trying out the whole mesh clothing thing and I know for the first time that I tried it, I hated it and was going to give up wearing mesh clothes completely. I am glad to say that that did not happen and I am able to wear my shape with minor adjustments to the torso and leg areas of it. I felt the same way and actually still do about finding that perfect shape after years of tweaking and shopping around. I finally found it last year and will not trade it. Much of the mesh clothing that I have and that I manage to find fit well when it comes to most tops there might be a leak here and there in the alpha layer but it's not too bad. I also think that mesh body designers are getting a little better about how they make their alphas so I have hope that that part will definitely get better. 


    Okami Aquila

    "Just Do You"

  15. I think that it would just be nice if LL would offer free lindens on the main grid instead of on the beta grid where it's kind of pointless. Even the beta grid marketplace is not that great so those lindens just end up sitting there. Sure it's nice to be able to upload and test textures, mesh, builds or whatever but all in all those lindens are really wasted.

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