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  1. I Totally agree. I hate this Resident last name nonesense. I used to love seeing how people would get creative with the last names offered. I really don't see the point in having all new users use the same last name.
  2. Oh thank you! I thought when it said fixed it meant it should be fixed. I understand what you're saying now. At least that gives me a little hope, lol. I was worried they thought it was fixed and weren't going to try to do anything else to fix it. I agree with you that it would be better/less confusing if they would mark it as pending instead.
  3. I'm getting it too and it's driving me nuts. It says it's fixed on the bug report thing but it's not (at least for me). Like others have said, I don't know why they'd release this new version with such an obvious bug. Seems like more and more problems with each new release. Ugh.
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