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  1. I logged onto the other computer, and tped to a sandbox. Then I tried logging onto my computer, and it seemed to have fixed the problem for now.
  2. Thank you all, and I forgot to mention that this has been going on since about July.
  3. Hello, I am having a problem with the Second Life Viewer/Server with accessing Second life. I typically use Firestorm, but I use the Second Life official viewer also. In all incidents, I am not getting any error messages, my account just keeps crashing the minute it finishes loading in-world. I go through the login process and then it just closes. I had friends log in on my laptop, along with an alt of mine, and no problem occurred with these accounts, or their ability to stay on. I have not received an email or any messages about me violating any terms of services. So, I’m lost as to what the problem is. I have tried deleting both viewers multiple times, and all of the files they put on my laptop for used accounts. I was able to login on my friend’s computer; I have deleted things before that re-download when you log successfully, and it helped for a day or two because I cleared all information from my main account. I have been having this problem since about late July. All help would be appreciated, thank you for your help. :D I use a model KAWG0 Acer Aspire 5517 I got it for Christmas about 4 years ago I believe. (Wow I didn’t know it was that old :O :D )
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