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  1. Death isn't a hilltop (knoll)....it's "death knell". And this isn't it....LOL
  2. Hi Christi, Went through this at Boystown, not a big deal. If you want "default" set, download the EEP "test" viewer from LL, log on, set default, and leave it until EEP is finished. It won't be exactly what you had before, but it will be at least similar to the default. Or you can go in and play with the new settings, bearing in mind that non-EEP viewers won't see some of what you change. But you must use the EEP viewer to get back to default on an EEP region as of now. Lee FYI, EEP is STUNNING when you see what it is capable of. We might have had something for 12 years, but EEP is going to be FAR and above better.
  3. I want to drop in a topic that I discussed with Cathy Foil recently regarding the mGroin bone. This bone was supposed to have been linked to the "Coin Purse" slider in Edit Shape. It was discussed at meeting(s) and then it was overlooked. This needs to be fixed before Bento is released. It will help those who create clothing for men (Yes, Virginia, they exist) to make bulges that the wearer can customize rather than being limited to either poorly designed (flat-fronted) pants, etc. This is not a simple thing that should be brushed aside and ignored just because it's late in the game. It's a simple fix and it is both needed and wanted by designers.
  4. That first answer is total BS. "Most viewers" are most assuredly not having trouble with area where there are a lot of avatars. The black-screening that you are experiencing is definitely the result of an underpowered PC or graphics card. What ended black screens for me was LOTS of RAM...I'm talking 16-24GB of it. You'll never see another black screen.
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