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  1. Currently using Firestorm viewer and it seems to be working going to try later on when i am not running seeral programs, with all of my windows open i end up with wierd lag and the scenes take forever to load but that's okay i like it so far thanks all
  2. All of my drivers are up to date i keep up on that very well... I will try a different viewer just to see and then try the clean install after that...i just don't like clean installing because of how much time it takes. thanks fro alll you help i will let you know
  3. i changed it to SP3, still nothing can not find anything about running 32 bit mode... i have restarted and tryied everything I can think of I really wanna try SL but I am starting to give up because of this hassle.
  4. i dont know how to change to combatibility mode...i cant get the viewer to open to copy and paste that infor mation... Windows 7 64-bit the computer is less then 6 months old and i bought the top HP they had. it's a pavillion dv6 hope that helps...I will try to restart and see what happens....
  5. I installed SL properly, and it loaded the first time, almost, then it crashed. Now everytime i try to open it, it pops up with crash reporting....please help...I was really excited about SL, until this.
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