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  1. yea oh well i left and another member is all fired up about it cause she seen it happen to her aswell and she works for them lol
  2. by default huh. thats funny cause i never turned any liabilities off in my group and it doesnt charge. but anyways they did know about it andare completely arrogant about it.. i find it retarded that out of like 40 groups im in they are they only one charging this fee i think its sneaky and kind of a scam to be honest. either way you look at it if you dont tell people up front about it it is stealing.
  3. ha thats laughable they dont have anything in their group about liabilities no where in the group does it state that they charge liabilities
  4. yep sure is a group. thank you guys for your help. time to go have a bitch fit with the group
  5. wow ok let me check the tranactions. but still they shouldnt be able to take past 0 anyways
  6. id love to know how in the world everytime i log on i have less and less lindens. i logged in the other day and had -2 then i logged in today and i now have -3.... wth is going on?
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