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  1. Hi, I hope someone can help me right away. I bought a VKC dog and they said I needed to make some objects Walkable. Well, I made them ALL walkable and I have figured out how to remove some of it around trees so I can walk around, but now, I'm afraid I've changed something and the only place I can go on my sim is on the border. I am getting messages like these and I don't even know what they mean: [11:06] [2013/06/15 11:05] MOVING Off Sim Shrimp Boat (cw): Unable to set prim position or scale: object contributes to the navmesh. [11:06] [2013/06/15 11:05] Woodpecker: llSetLocalRot() does
  2. Okay, I am so hoping someone will read this and know about it. I use Singularity viewer. It's wonderful. When you derender something, it stays derenedered until you release it from the asset blacklist, BUT I have derendered large hideous objects from my neighbors parcel and, yes, it is now invisible, BUT it shows up on my parcel as in invisible (primless) object and won't let me select any of my objects that are in its way. If I try to return it, i get a message saying returning it is not within region permissions. WAIT - breaking news. I just derendered the ghost derendered object a
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