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  1. Are Noobs and others who are sent a bite request also given this information before the request?
  2. As the original poster, I think I have the right to ask some of you to please concentrate on my original concern. To repeat, why is it some of you Vampire members attempt to snare new SL members as soon as they arrive in SL? There is an SL 14 day rule about offering a bite request...but some of you take no notice of it. An under-hand method used to get round that one is to TP noobs to your 'Castle-in-Sky' and tell them that this is the only place they must attend or their SL connection will be terminated. After the 14 days have passed, 'some' of you then tell them that to be able to visit other places in SL, they must join 'This' family...and the way to do that is to accept a 'bite request'. I have taken this up with one of the Blood-Lines hierarchy who asked me to let him know of any deviation to their Code of Conduct. (A copy of which he sent me). He is very keen that members of SL accept Blood-lines as an interesting and helpful part of SL. I agree with that. So please don't come back with yet another load of explanations as to what 'you' do or don't do. The message is clear from the top.....leave noobs alone! And don't tell me that Noobs should protect themselves by wearing Garlic when you Noob seakers don't first explain to them what you're about before slapping a bite request at top right,...!
  3. Thanks for that, Klint, Saying you don't harrass noobs is good news, pity all Vamp members don't follow your example. When you say it's only a game, yes, it is....but shouldn't ppl joining ANY game...poker, Black-jack....even Tiddly-winks....be aware of the rules and the costs and what's involved before being offered a signing up option? The whole SL Vampire organisation have a bad rep due to just a few of them jumping on 'Easy Meat'. I would never say to a noob, 'Don't join this/that'...I would say, 'Learn SL...ask around, find what appeals to you...but sadly some SL organisations take the easy route to boost their own numbers by lurking around arrivals where the numbers of easy targets are highest.
  4. Hi Klint, Thanks for your response, am I to take it then that ppl who join, even inadvertently, ( like clicking on a note card which is in fact a bite request, and is sometimes placed in among other innocent ones such as dance requests, join group requests, TP to my location requests), can if they relise they have agreed to a bite, can then undo that? Or is undoing that mistake an impossible or expensive procedure? Put simply...If I were to mistakenly click a bite request and wanted to 'undo' it...what should I do? Thanks for your reply. Kew.
  5. The Vampire Family is not one I belong to, but I am involved due to some of my friends being part of the Vampire way of life...my question is; Why do you still allow some of your ppl to hang around arrival areas to talk Newbies into your families? Answers I get back when I ask are ' Easy Meat'...'Gotta get my blood count up'...'I was told to do it'....As long as that sort of behavour goes on, I will never recommend or support or encourage ppl to join what I know can be an interesting SL life. Keep it 'clean' and you'll get a better reputaion than most ppl give you. Well done to those of you who actually stick to the Vampire Family code and do help ppl in SL. Kew.
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