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  1. I guess that you answered my doubt

    7 minutes ago, LittleMe Jewell said:

    Also, there were times during the refresh process when the page did not default to the new ones, so you had to click the drop down and select it.  Not sure why that happened off and on.

    I can pretty much guarantee though that they did not specifically exclude any region or country.

    I guess that you answered my doubt. :)

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  2. 19 minutes ago, karynmaria said:

    People live in different time zones.  That is just a fact and the reality.    They don't just pick a country and say "hmmm no houses for them".  

    I am sorry you did not get a house.  The houseboats were gone in less than 30 minutes.  I only got one cause I didn't work today.

    I know, but he kept updating the page all the time and did not appear the option to choose for the houseboats, he and I don't sleep all the night and all the day at pc update, while some people celebrating in the group that has achieved your houseboat, he was updating the page fast and nothing happened, this region don't had  option for choice for he only others places for old homes...
    But ok, np, it's only a I vent.

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  3. My husband SL is premium and we are from Brazil and as soon as he knew he would launch the houseboats we stayed awake almost 24 hours, he updating the website and I the forum when opened the island he continued to update the site and did not appear Bellisseria as an option for  choice we were very pissed, he will cancel the premium account, as we are almost certain that released these houses by region and my country was not included, I think Linden Labs could be honest with its players and speak at least it would be by regions or countries for we stay not be waiting.

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