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  1. So basically what I am trying to accomplish is this... You press a button once, it records the current time with llGetWallClock (is how i currently have it formatted, and it turns it into HH:MM for me.) the second time you press the button, it does the same thing but then I also need it to spit out the elapsed time between those. Now this won't necessarily be a few minutes, it could be 4, or 5 hours, etc. and could possibly be next day (so like, they press it first at 22:10 and next at 01:45 type thing. So during the night it has elasped to the next day. For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to compare these....any help please? :)
  2. I am looking to have a hipporent API addon made, essentially it needs to run off of there SDK and it needs to send the information it takes and send it to a PHP script, and then eventually to a MySQL Database. So I need two scripts, an LSL script and a PHP Script. I require the LSL Script to be Full Permissions, and the PHP Script will be hosted on my personal server as well. Contact me in-world via IM for more on what information it needs to take and send to the php script/mysql database. I am willing to pay well for a good quality, quick job.
  3. I am putting this out there today on behalf of the roleplay city Concord, our police department is in urgent need of some custom clothing work for a new division we are opening up. I can't forsee it being to hard of work, if you are good at making clothing already. But who am i to know that? What we need is battle dress uniforms (BDU), to be worn by ESU officers. If you are interested in doing the work for us, you will be compensated. Please contact KeithJesperson Resident In-world only, I will give you more specifics regarding it, and we can work out a timeline and pricing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Dress_Uniform is some more information on BDU
  4. Costa Nero Estates is a premier land rental company which goes above and beyond the call of service to please it's tenants. Costa Nero was founded by a team of professional residents who with past land management experience, came together to create an ideal option for land. Its management has a combined total of over 9 years in the Second Life Real Estate Business. We are looking for an experienced and motivated public relations and marketing specialist, who must have at least one year of experience in Second Life marketing. Experience in the land sales sector is much preferable, and a huge bonus. Your duties would include, - Marketing our available land to the public, via multiple available channels - Direct marketing - Creation of strategic marketing campaigns, including effective promotions and advertisements - Monitoring the success rate of our marketing campaigns Costa Nero Estates is offering a very competitive salary, a staff discount program, and possibility of doubling your salary with production bonuses. For more information on this job, or to apply please send an Instant Message and a notecard copy of your C.V./Resume to KeithJesperson Resident in-world.
  5. Costa Nero is looking for multiple devoted, experienced and motivated land sales agents to help us sell land in our growing estate. We are a newer estate, whose management team has a combined total of 9 years of real estate experience in Second Life, owning dozens of regions, and managing hundreds others. We are looking for dedicated people who are interested in helping us grow and ensuring our customers are always enjoying their life in Costa Nero. Sales Agents Additionally to the Estate Manager position above, we are interested in hiring a number of land sales agent to assist our current team in ensuring at least a 85% occupancy rate across all of our regions. We require some land sales experience in Second Life, and have a knowledge of the industry; a clientele list is a great bonus! This position is commission based, with bonuses available for meeting your reasonable sales targets. To apply for this position, contact KeithJesperson Resident or Faye Blackheart --------------------------- Requirements for all positions - You must be at least 90 days old in Second Life - You must have a working knowledge of the land sales sector, and related terminology and system workings - You must be able to write and understand proper English, second languages are a bonus - You must be sales driven, and customer oriented
  6. Me and my business partner rented a full region about 6 weeks back and the project we were working on fell through so we have a region and no use for it. So if someone is looking to rent a full region, and not pay any startup fee. We will sell you our current rental for 2 weeks tier, so L$40,000 giving you another 2 weeks tier for free. After that you simply keep paying RGF the rental company. You will get full access to the region, and we will request a transfer of rental to you, giving you EM rights and full "ownership" of the region, and we at that point loose all control of it. Contact myself KeithJesperson Resident in world if you have any questions, we really wanna get this done quick, as the tier is just being wasted at this point.
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