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  1. Yay, this is promising!! I hope this is just the first step and Onyx is working on another full body — one with more definition and realism. I would much rather support her (or Siddean) than the terrible people behind TMP. But I also really want a body that looks good. TMP's competition seems to be a threat to Maitreya Lara which has sat at #1 for years, but I hope it spurs Onyx to innovate and put TMP back in their place. 🙃
  2. That sounds exactly like them. If they really wanted to distance themselves from their old reputation, maybe they should try changing their behavior (radical notion, I know). Instead, they're acting just as rude, controlling, and dishonest as ever, demanding respect instead of earning it, and then throwing fits when we don't all bow down to their egos. So yeah, they can call themselves whatever pompous thing they want to, but it's crystal clear that absolutely nothing has changed.
  3. Haven't read through all 38 pages of this thread, and dunno if anyone will see this, but... How on earth do you use the feet deformers? Background... I bought the Perky body because I thought it would allow me to wear all my favourite clothes. The notecard in the demo said so. But then after paying five *thousand* L$, I found out it only includes deformers for feet. Seems like bait and switch, false advertising, to me. But of course, the "support" account ("LiveHelp," not even a name, talk about unapproachable and inhuman) just threw in my face the disclaimer they have
  4. Thank you. I did try to update it. It said it couldn't because the object was no-mod. I ended up deleting the product because I'd rather be safe than sorry and haven't heard back from the creator. Thanks again for your help!
  5. I'm wondering that too. I just opened a coffeeshop and I was excited to find this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Primbean-Coffee-Affiliate-Vendor-Pack-Boxed/2041086 I gave all but one L to my alt while I test this out. When I first rezzed the product, it said it was out of date, and prompted me to update it. However it can't update it because it's no-mod. So I'm not quite sure what to think. Or do.
  6. Please pardon my ignorance. I see this term a lot in the marketplace but I don't know what it is. A search in Knowledge Base for "applier" came up empty. Thank you!
  7. Is "L$300 weekly to shop" (emphasis added) on the premium membership page (fine print at the bottom) a restriction of some kind on useage, or merely a suggestion/example?
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