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  1. I received a new laptop today and I am having the same problem! I updated my graphics driver before downloading Firestorm. I have turned graphics to low and turned off Advanced Lighting and it's still happening. It's not just my view in SL, but it's the buttons on firestorm/the log in screen too. Does anyone have any advice? Edit: I have downloaded Singularity viewer and it seems to be fine.
  2. In my venture to see how many abandon/claims we actually do get, I got Victorian homes in Pelham Station, Thomsbury, Periana and Demitasse. I liked Periana the best. I believe Thomsbury was a coastal sim, but I was across the street from the coast.
  3. I decided to take one for the team: I started with my alt's LH: Abandon #1 Then claimed, abandoned, claimed, abandoned, claimed, abandoned, claimed, abandoned, claimed, abandoned, MAXED. I abandoned SIX times in succession. I CLAIMED 5. Between 4:35-4:45 PM SLT.
  4. At this point there is no way to tell if you will get a new release or an abandon from someone else. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.
  5. I’m still playing Game of Homes (with campers, as beautiful as the Vic’s are, I think I’m a tiny home person) and was wondering if anyone was in world to snap a photo of the new parcel I just snagged? My alt has prime real estate but I have to make a decision on which premium account to cancel soon. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Decker/100/64/0
  6. I really thought I’d earn back at least two tries last night but it didn’t reset for me.
  7. I also don’t think they released every Victorian they intended to yesterday because of some technical glitches. One house style wasn’t working at all at some point yesterday and some were having issues with doors/windows/permissions. Even later in the evening, people were getting Victorian’s on sims that still didn’t seem ready as they all had hovertext and borders around them. They eventually cleared up but I think there was a delay or two.
  8. From Patch, yesterday: Nearly 1600 Victorian homes will launch this week, the majority of them happening today (Monday, 16 December, 2019). Plus another 500 coming before the end of the year! In addition to that, over 1,600 Traditional Homes, Houseboats and Campers will be released later this week!
  9. Yes, they are still readily available and people are getting them immediately.
  10. You can derender the hovertext, it’s in a prim that boarders the plot.
  11. Maybe you abandoned one overnight? You could have been home hopping in your sleep. 🤣
  12. If you're having trouble with your home (doors, windows, colors, etc): [12:09 PM] Squeaky Mole: Please stand back away from the home, touch the controller and re-rez the home. Let it load for at least 30-60 seconds before touching it in any way.
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