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  1. No I'm not a fin domme. But why do I have to pay every month 5000 L$ providing my slaves a home? Seems fair to me if they pay just a small fee for it.
  2. Hi Try to contact kaeno Ragu. I know he is looking for a nice baby girl. Good Luck Jodi
  3. Well I have done it. I'm almost ran out of money. Just another week and I will be homeless. Therefore is seek new slaves willing to support me. Please European timezone only. Want to see my pics look at:Jodi Sharple Sent me a IM inworld for more info Mistress Jodi Reading all your comments mayby I have to explain. Till now i paid every month around 5000 L$ for my castle and sim. My slaves expect me to give them a home. So is it fair I expect a little fee providing them a home? Give me one good reason why a Mistress should pay for her slaves providing them sheltur. I'm not a fin dom, only expect a small fee, in my opinion that is only fair.
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