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  1. I recently got back into Bloodlines after a long break, and being a rper I’d love to RP my vampire with other Bloodlines players but I’m having a hard time finding anyone who actually RP’s a Vampire, Lycan or Blood Doll. Most people seem to be OOC, focusing on achievements or collecting souls. I’m not fussy if it were World Of Darkness RP or Ricean inspired but I would prefer it to be set to Bloodlines. Are there any clans, families or groups that RP using the Bloodlines hud?
  2. Wow that was truly amazing, and such a great idea, I love your editing skills, Superb video!!!
  3. Here’s a sequel to my previous post apoc movies, you can view all 3 on the playlist below, hope you enjoy it! It is a time of strife and desperation. Only Wild Boys stand against the mutants who claim waste to the land. Xanax the Snake Queen and her vile Prince seek a bitter end to all who would challenge her. Her evil assassins scour the wastelands in search of Wild Boys with a View to a Kill… Saga of the Snake:
  4. Thanks I tried that, first poseball works fine but when I linked it, there was no movement, not sure what I did wrong.
  5. Oh thanks I havent found any at Marketplace, any hints for a keyword to use there? i havent been to a wedding in years! LOL
  6. I did the same a few months back, found it from this blog post: https://modemworld.wordpress.com/2014/12/13/amd-catalyst-drivers-additional-windows-workaround/ Which was basically putting dll files in your Firestorm folder.
  7. Hi I remember seeing years ago models on runways using poseballs for getting from point A to point B. Is it possible using multiple avatars to get from point A to point B using poseballs? Such as three or four avatars walking side by side by hopping on poseballs?
  8. I'm looking for someone who can make animations and not static poses. I chiefly want combat animations, animations such as getting shot and dying, and I would also love sword fighting animations, these would be for a movie in mind so not your typical three second slash but of two swordsmen fighting each other, similar to a scene in my last movie: https://youtu.be/AtVfglkDNNA?t=8m1s So I can put the anims in a couple of poseballs. Feel free to contact me in world or here. Many Thanks Calaval Resident
  9. A post apocalypse movie filmed at LICK, Rose Arcana, Ironwood Hills and Xin. And sequel to one of my previous movies, Union of the Snake. After the final war civilizations crumbled and countries fell. Vile mutants rose and claimed the land. Creatures known only as the Union of the Snake. To combat this threat, the last of the civilized governments formed a coalition of notorious fighters, warriors of the wasteland, the wild boys.
  10. Yeah I guess its cause the strip is small, I'm a movie maker so I would be moving the camera about, I guess I just won't use that box. LOL Thanks so much for your help!
  11. That box is at my home but you can view it inworld at the store. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/NLAB%20Inc/113/128/27 Its upstairs
  12. Thanks Whirly, that seemed to of worked, although I still seem to get glitches with advanced lighting turned on, take a look at the neon light on the black box, first picture is with advanced lighting on and second picture is with advanced lighting off.
  13. With the SL viewer and Firestorm viewer whenever I enable lighting and shadows, I don’t ever see shadows, and in some cases the lighting seems flickery. I’d love to play SL on Ultra as my pc handles SL fine but the lack of shadows is a major annoyance. I suspect it might be the driver but the AMD Catalyst AutoDetect utility tells me my driver is up to date. I’ve read some previous posts on this matter but haven’t yet found a solution, my specs are: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4930K CPU @ 3.40GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.4GHz Memory: 16384MB RAM OS Version: Windows 8.1 64-bit (6.3, Build 9600) Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8990 Windows Graphics Driver Version: 8.17.0010.1333 Has anyone found a solution to this, other than getting a nvidia?
  14. Nice atmosphere and scenes, love Disturbed!
  15. I just sing along, lol I didnt get it all right especially at the start but I found if I record a verse with the music playing while I'm recording, its easier to edit.
  16. A Second Life movie in the style of a rock video, using Sin City effects. Music is by U2.
  17. A Second Life movie made in the style of a rock music video. I hope you enjoy it!
  18. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Calaval wrote: Drake1 Nightfire wrote: Apparently you have not read the books as there are male slaves and female Mistresses in them. Male slaves are rare compared to high proportion of female slaves. Its a male dominant fantasy world overseen by insectoids. Men conquered in war who are not left free are more often slain than enslaved, while women in the same situation are almost always enslaved. Only a very small minority of women on Gor own slaves.
  19. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: You do realize that Master/slave is part of the BD/SM world as well, right? Yes of course, with dominance and submission practiced by both sexes and not marshalled by insectoids.
  20. Drake1 Nightfire wrote: I bet you think BD/SM is evil too... What you define as fun is the law? WHo are you to say what people can do for fun? So, you don't do Gorean RP and are not interested in it at all... What was your point in this thread then? 1. No sorry I'm not anti BDSM at all. 2. Read the first post.
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