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  1. Perrie Juran wrote: NaomiLocket wrote: 4.1 and 4.2 cover it. It's pretty heavy reading and takes a while to wrap around what is said, versus what someone wants to hear. 4.1 makes it sound like, you are not to share it with any third party. (assigning an account) disclosure of login credentials is effectively an assignment. 4.2 makes it sound like technically authorized access is permissable but you are solely responsible for everything and if they need to and may terminate should there be a reason. The level of trust needed for this sort of thing is pretty much on an unconditional and epic proportion. That doesn't grow easily. As a general FYI for people, when you read the word "assign" you have to remember that the TOS is a LEGAL document and that LEGAL DEFINITIONS apply. Could have a lot of fun with that. You'd have to look at how it is applied in California. My basic take on why you can not Assign, Transfer, Sell, etc. your account with out LL's permission is simply this: That person you would be selling to had not agreed to the TOS. They had no legal contract with LL. LL would need to assure this.That would be the prime and major reason. Well ligal. Its a legal document if you are from the US. Around here the court have said that only a signed contract is a contract, as the TOS really is, is legal. If you dont sign it it's not, and pushing a agree button is not signing. On the other hand It's LL's program and they can do what they want with it and have whatever rules they want but it has nothing to do with the law. Atleast not around here
  2. Having the same problem. Loged out to restart the pc and cant get in again. Tried 4 diffrent locations but it stops at region handshake
  3. One of the reasons that I play is to get away from the kids for a while. So no, I'm not a fan of child avatars
  4. I solved the problem. What I did was turn router and pc off. then waited a few minutes before turning it back on again. Reinstalled SL and emptyed chashe. First try I got the crash error, but second atempt worked
  5. Forgot to say. I'm using windows XP
  6. Haven't been able to log in since yesterday. I was in SL and decided to relog, and after that I am unable to get back in. Have tried to reset router, disable firewall, restart pc, flush dns, and a few other things. Also tried 2 or 3 diffrent viewers.
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