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  1. Nice pictures! I used to live in a RL place just like that. Its called Western Samoa. If you ever go there some day Im sure you will love it.
  2. I live in Melbourne , Australia. Will come for a visit and see how your city compares
  3. Blimey I didnt expect so many PMs!!!!!!!
  4. I will be taking applications from all types so bring it on wenches before I change my mind!
  5. Recently I was having a look around a Gorean sim and was approached by a young wench offering to be my slave. Now I am a new master can anybody offer some fiendly advice on how to keep slaves under control. And if there are any other wenches out there seeking for a master I am here ready for you...
  6. I just bought a gun. Its notecard tells you how to draw, reload and holster but nothing on how to shoot!
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