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  1. Hello i will be hosting a photo competition and the them will be Vintage Pin Up Girls.

    This is to promote a new web portal  for sl concerning about anything related to racing.

    But please come to this location and join the group and we will make an amusement  shortly

    When it will start and finish plus we would like to give it time for people to be able to work on their creativity.

    We will be giving out gifts in the group as well and will have  other competitions in the future  concering photo challenges’ and it is free to enter. No cost

    Please visit  this location and touch the board to join the group.

    World Of Dreams


    World Of Dreams

  2. Hi there I think most probably the most active airport in sl has to be Hollywood airport located on the Blake sea and you can fly over the oceans and there are tons of  islands. There are a few airports around on some of the islands and I think there is a airline scheduled every so often. But soon as you fly over Maineland it really goes downhill and you will be dodging Sky Box’s and ban lines.


    WW2 seems to have picked up I have some friends who joined them and they do have a fun time but they battle it out mostly in one sim and organize battles with other estates.


    They all agree one of the big problems still is sim crossing. I fly a piper fixed prop and I really slow down for every crossing or if i go to fast the crossing could fail.

    I am a flight sim fan in rl and I do have my PPL also and you can’t compare but it is still fun.  I also enjoy flying around in my steam powered airship. I have yet try a helicopter.


    I heard a neat rumored about space.  Aperrantly LL would like to create and second layer of space above so all those space setters will be able to float around and have space stations and people flying around in xwing fighters or what ship you might have. Could work out well and cut down lag possibly. This came from a reliable source who used to work for LL but like anything we just have to wait and see.


  3. Hello I am posting this for a friend.


    She has 3 sims 2 homestead and 1 full sim and there are plenty of land for rent. She is very nice to talk to and ask what you need or what your  looking for an see what she can come up for you. I have a café on one of the homesteads and if anybody opens up a publick display or commercial business I will help out directing some traffic to you your.


    Here Name is Willow Breeze But you can also contact me as well, my name is Steve Decker and I can help you out an get in contact with her


    This link will take you to one of the parcels there is a tp you can also go up to the café.



  4. This cafe is located someplace on the edge of the universe and is constantly traveling around .

    But what the purpose of this café is really about is for people who like to exchanged destinations of sorts. Join the group and trade links and post new findings.


    Also  great for the bloggers and photographers  there is a free ad boards where people can exhibit their stories and photos of their travels including dropping in note cards and tp links.


    Stop in for a coffee  before heading out on your adventures and come back to talk about them.Snapshot cafe_001.jpg



  5. DO you love the time period and role play in the 1750. Here are some new rentals available.

    This Estate is part  of a pirate and navy circuit 1 out of 4 estates designed for ship to ship battle community.


    This estate also has a region dedicated for the “ Mer’s” so all are welcome to visit


    They role play is very light and there is no GOR role play, very friendly realms.


    A new collage also just moved into the area so for your poor swabs that need some touching up on you education there weeee beee a place for yearrrrr.


    The rentals pirces vary from 300 lins a week and up, home stead regions are available to rent around and they are connected to all the sailable waters.




    Here is a link to see what is available


  6. This log Cabin is mostly furnished already but you don’t have to use what is is there you may ask for us to take items out if you should have your own future.


    This cabin is on a hill side and overlooking a nice pond, plus has a huge deck great for parties.


    Plus you have a nice camp fire area behind the cabin hidden in the trees.

    $ 1000 per Week 600 prims

    Pay by week or by month your choise





  7. Cedarwood.jpg


    Hello I just finished building a new market place village and have many little stores and lofts plus there is sort of an underground section with plenty of space.  


    We know it is hard to get started so we are offering a special promotion pay one week and we give you the store of your choice for 2 months free!!.


    This is a group land owned so before you can rez any objects you must join the group and then I will add you to vendor status to be able to rez . Now about the price afterwards to pay per week ,even at that you would fine the prices to be very cheep, from 100 lins per week max 300 lins per week for the lager space. This is a non profit program we just like to have events and we have fun and we even have a ballroom and any member who would like to host an event you may do so at will for free. We have a place for members can make donations for larger activities.


    We are a relaxed and really are more than happy to listen to any good ideas to help promote the market place.


    Please  anybody that is interested take the max 2 boots for now to allow other people have a pick thanks.



     Cedarwood Village


     Please fly around if you wish it is a large area and the teleports are not compete yet


    People who have referral vendors place contact me direct thanks.


    Any questions please contact me Steve  Decker



  8. Welcome To “The Abandoned”  Located In the Chindo Region


    Like to feel seclude in the baron waste lands then look no further. We can make small changes to this land on request. Right beside is another parcel of the complete opposite of the settings of  the waste lands.


    On request we can take down walls and extend if needed or if your interest in the whole parcel as one with your own design we can remove the scenery.


    The objects on site that I placed does not have to stay. Just ask for any removal or any changes.


    Steve Decker Or Kassandra Resident


    58m x 59m  3422sqm 1250 prims


    L$1200 per week




    Also see photos here

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